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www.martinidesign**** Contact Martini for you next marketing campaign, web design, or video project.
5 Oct 2009
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Speak Easy Night with Tribute Productions Bands, Singers, Dancers, & fantastic strolling Talent 1920s style Booking; 818-903-7158 www.tributeproductions**** www.mrsbellasdolls****
17 Aug 2011
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Conductor, Arranger, Producer: Tim Ouimette/Marc Phaneuf: Alto Sax, Flute/ Aaron Heick: Tenor Sax/ Paul Nedzella: Baritone Sax, Bass Clarinet/ Joe Giorgianni: Trumpet/ Dan Yeager: Trumpet/ Tim Ouimette: Trumpet Solo/ Dan Levine: Trombone/ Paul Livant: Guitar/ Larry Ham: Piano/ Jon Burr: Bass/ Graham Hawthorne: Drums/Video by Hudson Valley iNet Video
16 Mar 2012
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DjOttY the best hero in the wold
1 Apr 2012
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Hippie Glenn and Prager are joined by former early Netscape engineer, start-up entrepreneur and prolific bar owner, Doug Dalton.
11 Aug 2012
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Take the Speakeasy Speed Test and test your connection speed! By measuring the download and upload rate from the following locations you are able to accurately judge your current line throughput or internet connection speed. To take the speed test, choose the server nearest you.
27 Feb 2007
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Download, Install, Setup uTorrent! that's *******www.speakeasy****/speedtest
8 Jul 2008
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Hey everyone! I’m Neil Garcia your host for wehopediatv**** your online video guide to being Gay in LA, and the West Hollywood lifestyle. On this edition of Wehopedia I’ll be discussing West Hollywood which is also referred to as WeHo or BoysTown. The total residential population of West Hollywood is just over 37,000; however, the nighttime and weekend population swells to between 80,000 and 100,000, with a high of up to 500,000 during major events such as Halloween or the Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade. Weho covers 1.9 square miles with the epicenter being Santa Monica Boulevard. Santa Monica Blvd is home to all the best Gay bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, and shops. In Weho gay or bisexual men account for 41% of the population making it home to arguably the largest gay community in the united states. Now for some Weho history. In the 60s, a club called Ciro's held the first gay dance nights on Sundays, known as "Tea Dances" [or "T-Dances"]. Men dancing together was illegal, but as with the casinos and speakeasies that had gone before, the laws were not strictly enforced. This tolerance led to more gay clubs after Ciro's closed, as well as the end of the anti-gay laws that prohibited dancing between two persons of the same gender in Los Angeles County. The building that Ciro's occupied is now the home of The Comedy Store. I hope you enjoyed learning a little Weho history and make sure to click on our other editions to get the down low on gay hangouts and gay terminology. Thanks for watching WEHOPEDIATV****, I’m Neil Garcia see you in Weho!
3 Mar 2008
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INDEPENDENT EXPOSURE Microcinema's Touring International Screening Program Since its inception in 1996, Independent Exposure has gained an enviable reputation as an important showcase for contemporary, progressive, artistic, and culturally relevant short films and videos. Each Independent Exposure program is thoughtfully curated to present diverse and eclectic works in a relevant and intentional context. The curatorial aesthetic is further supported by the presentation of the Independent Exposure series in non-traditional venues or "microcinemas" such as galleries, cafes, bars, nightclubs, outdoors, and other alternative spaces that support the independent arts. To date, Independent Exposure has been presented hundreds of times in 44 countries plus Palestine and Antarctica and at base camp on Mt. Everest. Independent Exposure "premieres" in San Francisco and then travels around the world - intriguing audiences at microcinemas, festivals, and special events. Contact us if your organization would be interested in hosting Independent Exposure. The History of Independent Exposure From Blackchair Productions to Microcinema International Blackchair Productions was founded in in 1992. The company expanded to a partnership when Patrick Kwiatkowski joined in 1996. Microcinema, Inc was formed in 2000 to expand on the activities of Blackchair. Due to the overwhelming lack of independent-oriented screening venues, Blackchair Productions began the Independent Exposure Microcinema screening program in 1996. This program was held every month at the Speakeasy Cafe's Backroom in Seattle until a tragic fire destroyed the venue in May of 2001. The program moved to Vital 5 Gallery for the remainder of the 2001 season and then moved to San Francisco in 2002. Microcinema maintains a branch office in Houston, Texas. 2008 is the THIRTEENTH season. www.independentexposure****
23 Oct 2008
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*******www.swaysd**** Sway the nightclub at Keating. Passionate speakeasy-type club w deep red lighting &leather booths. Bottles avg $345/bottle. Free list b4 11pm. 619.206.9593 for bottle service.
22 Dec 2010
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M. J. Higgins was located 244 S. Main Street which was forced to close in order for the Los Angeles Police Department to build a Garage in the same location. Martha and her brother where among the first to establish themselves in the now beautiful and then drug infested area now known as Gallery Row. This gallery was a one of a kind gem full of creativity and a rich history right down to the speakeasy in the basement. A clip from the Arts culture and Us TV series. Blaze-Out
25 Apr 2009
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Amsterdam's latest bar is door 74, a small pseudo-speakeasy hidden away on a busy street close to Rembrandt Square. Join Jay at door 74 for a Super-Dry Martini Doble made by our esteemed host, Mr Philip Duff.
20 Apr 2009
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1:54 - Watch Free Movies Online A city of ten million people, Los Angeles is built on dreams of fame where glitz and glamour dominate the topical landscape. But beneath the tabloid headlines and the flashing cameras lies a city whose people are desperate for an identity, a connection, and a reason to hope Studio: Speakeasy Releasing Release: May 8, 2009 Director: Timothy Linh Bui Writer: Timothy Linh Bui Cast: Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, Jessica Biel, Patrick Swayze, Kris Kristofferson ...
11 Jun 2009
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Information on StateLine Connections next networking event at the Speakeasy Lounge in Janesville, WI.
16 Jan 2010
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originally song. performed at Speakeasy. Let me know what you think..
20 Jan 2011
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How to Make a Cucumber Southside - part of the exotic cocktails video series by GeoBeats. Hi I'm Scott Mayer. I'm the mixologist here at Miami's oldest bar in Cabaret, Tobacco Road. Our cocktail today, we're going to do a Cucumber Southside. We're going to start off with three pieces of fresh cucumber. We're going to go ahead and tear a little bit of fresh mint. We're going to give that a nice muddle. Now we're going to go ahead and add the juice of one lime. We're going to add about an ounce of simple syrup. It's just equal part sugar and water. And some more of the Bombay Sapphire Gin. This cocktail was actually the featured cocktail of the 21 Club in New York, is probably the most famous of the New York's speakeasies. This drink is then shaken with ice. Put into a highball. Let's ice this highball down first. Now we're going to go ahead and top that with some club soda. Just for fun we'll go ahead and garnish that with a cucumber wheel and a straw. And there you have it, the Cucumber Southside.
24 Feb 2011
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