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this video shows how to turn off irritating sound produced by PC speaker( of course it is a speaker inside a central processing unit- not normal speakers).
7 Jul 2007
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These speakers were produced by DIT (Digital Info Tech) of Singapore. Its basically a little box that turns any flat surface into a speaker, by using very minute vibrations. Features: * Utilising patented electro acoutic technology * Omni Directional surround sound * Integrated digital Amplifier * Card Size remote controller * Adjustable bass, treble and volume * Compact and portable * connect to any audio source. It's a great gadget to have for gadget geeks, and also for anyone who wants to put a classy looking item in there home for all friends to see. There is also a Nimzy Vibro Master (with no vol control), and a new one coming out called the Nimzy Vibro Sonic. Anyway sorry about the song it didn't play as loud as i thought. The only down side about this thing is... it still needs a power source. Anyway the price of this is 159 SGD and the Vibro Master is 145 SGD.... so get the vibro max its more worth it haha.
26 Jul 2007
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Have a listen to your favorite songs straight from the Spider Pig's nose. You'll be the talk of the town with this new speaker which also works as an FM radio. Scan radio stations with Spider Pig's ear and control the volume with its tail! Hook up your MP3 player or music capable cell phone into Spider Pig and draw power from your computer's USB port. Go portable with Spider pig on your next camping trip or time away from home with 4 AAA batteries. Batteries not included. Visit us www.AccessoryGeeks**** or Call Toll Free 866-433-5793
21 Aug 2007
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Turn a Motor into a speaker using a cheap IC available at radioshack!
31 Aug 2007
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Speakers made from old hard drives
2 Sep 2007
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iPhone Speakers - WOWee One Speaker for MP3, Mobile Phones, Game Consoles, ipads, ipods, Travel speaker, portable, mini, blackberry, Audio Speakers
Pump up your PC audio with Logitechs X-530 speaker system. Dual driver satellites use FDD2TM technology to eliminate uneven response created by conventional dual driver designs. The ported subwoofer features a dynamic, real-time equalizer that maximizes punch while minimizing distortion for pounding bass. Matching front and rear satellites deliver balanced surround sound. The X-530 speaker system also has convenient volume and subwoofer level controls. Use the headphone jack for private listening. Satellites are wall-mountable.
5 Sep 2007
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After This Video You Will Want These Speakers For Your PSP!!
6 Sep 2007
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EMF's Negatively effect your health. I will show you a safe distance to some large home speakers
9 Oct 2007
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The interesting thing about this lil pup is not the pair of tin-can speakers, but the inclusion of a variety of controls to flip tracks and such while your Bluetooth phone or DAP is tucked away safely in your man-sack.
17 Oct 2007
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Immerse yourself in the game with the outstanding surround sound of Logitech's X-540 speaker system. Dual driver satellites use patented FDD2 technology to eliminate the uneven response created by conventional dual driver designs. Matrix mode creates 5.1 surround sound from 2- channel sources. The innovative center channel speaker clips onto the top of most flat-panel LCD monitors. The ported subwoofer features dynamic, real-time equalization that maximizes bass while minimizing distortion. The X-540 also features a convenient control pod with volume and subwoofer level controls, as well as a headphone jack for private listening. Satellite stands rotate for easy wall mounting.
17 Oct 2007
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Award winning author, educator, and inspirational speaker Cheryl Lacey Donovan is available to speak with your group. Contact her today. cherylspeaksgmail****
20 Oct 2007
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In this episode we show you how to create a High Definition Speaker using household items. You need the following: 1. Paper plate 2. Clear tape 3. Penny 4. Mini Jack audio cable
11 Nov 2007
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