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Former Litho Engineer Embarking on a Spiritual Journey. Knowledge & Truth Seeker, Health & Nature Lover, Granola Crunchy, Happy-Go-Lucky, God Fearing Anomaly~
Enlightenment spiritual enlightenment is something what we have been born for. The entire process of a soul atman manifesting a body right from the first manifestation as an amoeba and until the last leg of the journey (the total journey of 8.4 million manifestations) was the requisite of our soul atman for without it our soul atman could not have survived: definition meaning by Vijay Kumar...The Man who Realized God in 1993
2 Aug 2008
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How are spiritual teachers or spiritually enlightened people like? How did Param Pujya Dadabhagwan, as a spiritual scientist, find and achieve the freedom from worldly suffering? How does the spiritual understanding given by spiritual teachers help to overcome life puzzles?
8 Sep 2019
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