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A little cool splenda commercial I put together. Took me awhile to make this. Please comment! :)
7 Jun 2007
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Dr. Mercola shares some of the facts that he has learned about the reasons why Splenda is so toxic and artificial sweeteners need to be avoided. His new book, Sweet Deception, on this topic, comes out next month.
29 May 2008
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Dr. Mercola reviews why there is simply inadequate safety data supporting the long term use of Splenda.
3 Jun 2008
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Music video for instrumental composition by seven-piece funk ensemble from Portland, OR includes rare instrument the Drum Buddy, invented by New Orleans night club organist Mr. Quintron
29 Dec 2007
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Sugar Association Warns: Splenda Not Made with Sugar, It is Made with Chlorine The Sugar Association believes Splenda'™s advertising is misleading and is continuing its efforts to have it removed from the marketplace. Sugar Association President Andy Briscoe told reporters, "Bottom line, Splenda is made with a chloro-hydrocarbon sucralose, and bulking agents. The final product does not contain sugar. It'™s not natural." The Sugar Association has filed a lawsuit in California against the makers of Splenda and sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission outlining the deceptive practices by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil Nutritionals. Mr. Briscoe was joined by sugar executives from New Zealand and Australia in Washington, D.C. to discuss their recent success in having the Splenda ads condemned by Advertising Boards in their respective countries.
30 Nov 2006
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SPLENDA Sweeteners Make Winter Meals Warm and Satisfying Without All the Added Calories While a hearty meal may temporarily shake the winter doldrums, comfort foods are often laden with calories leading to an undesirable cold weather phenomenon: weight gain. But a simple switch to SPLENDA Sweeteners can help. The SPLENDA Brand offers a full spectrum of great tasting, versatile reduced-calorie and no-calorie sweetening options for making comfort foods and beverages to satisfy yearnings without all the added calories from sugar. Americans tend to gain anywhere from one to ten pounds between October and March, largely due to eating more high caloric foods and being less active. While these extra calories may seem insignificant, they can accumulate over time and can lead to weight gain, even increasing the risk of becoming overweight. The desire for comfort foods and beverages increases during cold weather months and impacts people's ability to make healthier food and beverage choices, said Stanley Licairac, executive chef at New York's Havana Central. Products like SPLENDA Sweeteners make it easy to strike the right balance. With its exceptional taste, versatility and ability to infuse sweet flavor with less calories, SPLENDA Sweeteners are ideal to use in cooking, baking and beverages. The tools available at Splenda can help at-home chefs strike a balance of comfort and well being for their families. The recipe database features hundreds of dishes searchable by traditional terms, such as main courses or desserts, and unique categories, like kid friendly and good source of fiber. Consumers can also join the Recipe Club monthly e-newsletter with exclusive offers or find answers to frequently asked questions concerning topics such as cooking and baking, how to live with diabetes and learning simple steps to help combat childhood obesity. In addition, The SPLENDA World of Sweetness cookbook, introduced in November 2006, is the definitive 'one-stop' guide to using SPLENDA Sweeteners. The cookbook is available nationwide at all major book retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Borders, and online.
26 Feb 2007
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Do Artificial Sweeteners Make People Fat? – Clinical Nutrition Aspartame, Sucralose, NutraSweet, Splenda are put in diet soda and other products. Studies have show that these chemical substances are not necessarily safe and can actually keep people hungry. Dr. Vincent Bellonzi B.S.,D.C.,C.C.N., C.S.C.S., A.C.S.M. H/FI Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is a chiropractor and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He has been in practice for over 12 years. He received his Doctorate from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1991. Since 1998, Dr. Bellonzi has practiced in the Austin area. He works with athletes at every level to provide sports conditioning and rehabilitation. Visit Dr. Bellonzi's website at *******www.bewellrx**** *******www.austinwellnessinstitute**** This video was produced by Psychetruth *******www.myspace****/psychtruth ***********/psychetruth © Copyright 2007 Austin Wellness Institute. All Rights Reserved.
20 Dec 2007
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - Today, I take you into the kitchen to explain what the menstruum ratio is... Don't worry... no cooking or prep from this guy... Annmarie handles all of that! I also answer a few other questions on the common cold, are wheatgrass powders potent, what vegetables you can eat raw AND I talk about an issue that is publicly being battled by McNeil Nutritionals (creator of Splenda) and the Sugar Association. Fun stuff! Take a look...
24 Sep 2008
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*******matthewloop.meta-ehealth**** Is your artificial sweetener making you fat? Find out in "Cracking the Cancer Code." aspartame splenda sucralose saccharin acesulfame k mercola *******endcancer****/ matthew loop artificial sweetener fat splenda sucralose aspartame saccharin acesulfame k cracking cancer code mercola
26 Sep 2008
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(12-12-07) One Johnson just isn't enough for Lindsay. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
12 Dec 2007
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You won't believe what compromises 99% of synthetic sweeteners that is dangerous to diabetics and is unknown to virtually all health care professionals
4 Jun 2008
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Do you drink too much pop? Dr. Gloria Gilbere explains the effects soft drinks have on your body within minutes after drinking them.
20 Feb 2010
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Wonderfully delicious mint tea that can be served hot or cold. Great in the summer! So easy to make that 8 year olds can mix up a batch!
4 Apr 2009
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Find what to look for when you buy sugar, brown sugar, and sugar substitutes on this lesson of Grocery School. Check out foodvu****
23 Oct 2008
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Research shows potential health risks of sugar substitutes, especially those containing Aspartame. Is diet soda causing cancer and obesity? CBN News reports. The Christian Broadcasting Network. To see more from The 700 Club, go to ***********
23 Oct 2008
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Episode 5: How Sweet It Is - Tavalon's Tea Sommelier Chris Cason is at it again (this time in a tea leaf costume, as it seems he lost a bet), explaining what sweeteners to use (if any) and which to avoid. For more information, please visit *******www.tavalon****/blog.
6 Apr 2009
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