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Special needs guy makes Spontaneous Exploding Combustion Fire with household chemicals. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME
31 Mar 2007
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Should sex be spontaneous? Dr. Brotto, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, UBC answers the question.For more videos & to share your Sexual Health story, go to *******www.EmpowHer****. Post this free video & share with others.
22 Jul 2008
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In this episode, we explain our art of spontaneous travel planning and spontaneous life-living. JUST GO FOR IT! Live big. Do it up. This reality is created by YOU! You are the God that you have been waiting for! MUSTER UP THE COURAGE AND JUMP OFF THE CLIFF OF MUNDANE REALITY!
15 May 2009
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******* Andrea Richter hilft ihren Schützlingen auf der Suche nach sich selbst. Mit Hilfe ihrer Hellsichtigkeit und ihrer Hellfühligkeit kann sie Menschen, welche ihr bisheriges Leben infrage stellen und den Glauben an sich und das Leben verloren haben, helfen, einen besseren und positiven Lebensweg zu finden. Andrea verbindet sich mit der Seele und dem Emotionalkörper des Hilfesuchenden, durch ihr spontanes inneres Wissen ist es ihr möglich, die Probleme der Menschen zu erkennen und Lösungswege aus diesen Problemen aufzuzeigen. Durch den Kontakt zu Engeln und der spirituellen Welt sowie durch ihr spontanes inneres Wissen ist Andrea Richter in der Lage, auch Ihrem Leben wieder einen neuen Sinn zu geben damit auch Sie alle Sorgen und Nöte aus Ihrem Leben verbannen und zurück zu einem positiven Lebensgefühl gelangen können: *******
19 Aug 2011
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When John disappears for a bit, it's always a good idea to look for him. Like a kid. Just to see what he's getting into. This time it was mixing iron shavings and glycerin - which is a recipe for spontaneous combustion! Remember if you try to duplicate this, use safety goggles - don't be like us! *******gamehackerz****/uberstrike-hack-unlimited-ammo-hp-and-cash-cheats
15 Jun 2013
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(S.E.P) A New Way To MAKE FIRE, When Matches, Or Even a 9v Battery Wont Do...(A ShootingEggs Production)
29 May 2007
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www.SonnysPianoTV**** Sonny's Piano Improvisation; Connie Crothers & Kazzrie Jaxen Piano Duo; Sonny's Piano Playing & Yoga Tips; Video tours of a Steinway, Sohmer, Chickering & Schumann Baby grand Pianos.
6 Jul 2008
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Also Titled 'Ra or Aman-Ra" someplace else.
4 Sep 2010
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"Indiana" is also the name of a great new debut album by a Hoosier singer/songwriter named Jon McLaughlin... This is a show of videos that I picked 'spontaneously.' I hope you enjoy it along with an Indianapolis historical landmark. See the complete show and other complete editions of "Weekend Videos" on www.niswanderrocktheater****, www.johpadgett****/monticello and in playlists on****/monticellocast www.cdbaby****/niswander2 www.myspace****/niswander
12 Oct 2007
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vlog by spontaneity
31 Oct 2007
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vlog by spontaneity
31 Oct 2007
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vlog by spontaneity
31 Oct 2007
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A 'spontaneous' rally by Ron Paul supporters erupted tonight outside the Radisson in Manchester, NH. Apparently it was organized by Operation Live Free Or Die. The event was in front of the hotel with ALL the press and was broken up by the cops.
16 Jan 2008
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