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16 Sep 2009
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***********/ Here are some spread betting tips and strategies for those starting out. Like everything else, you are more likely to make mistakes when you are a novice so it is important to start spreadbetting with small amounts initially.
9 Jun 2010
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Here's some more trading tips *******www.spread-betting****/financial-spread-betting-tips to help you get the most from financial spread trading. Firstly, limit your total portfolio risk - Your overall portfolio risk should be kept within 20% i.e. if all your positions were stopped out you would retain 80% of your original trading capital.
20 Jun 2011
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Keep these spread betting tips *******www.spread-betting****/financial-spread-betting-tips in mind when you're trading, to make sure you have the best chance of success. Successful spread betting is profitable spread trading.
22 Jun 2011
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6 Apr 2009
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Many people think the better spread traders ***********/strategies/strategies-tips.html, the ones who make all the money, do so by enjoying more winning trades or trading at better prices. So when you or I buy a share at £4.50 and sell it at £5.00 these better traders buy it at £4.25 and sell it at £5.25. But that's often not true.
15 Jun 2011
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Spread betting is very flexible *******www.spread-betting****/ in that it allows you to enter positions a bit at a time and this allows you to close part of your bet and keep the rest running. I sometimes see traders saying they treat spread bets the same as normal share dealings. Well, some spread betters don't! One big advantage of using spreadbets rather than actual share purchases, is that one can make phased exits without incurring duplicated or triplicated broker fees. This can have tremendous psychological value.
19 Jun 2011
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Trading tips *******www.spread-betting****/ to improve your spread betting. The same rules apply to spread bets as they do to share trading - In essence, they're both about getting the direction of a market correct. Trading on rumours is a classic investor trait, which can often lead to losses as the event never materialises and the share price falls back.
29 Aug 2011
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Spread betting *******www.spread-betting****/ is a great tax efficient way to trade on the financial markets. But be warned, there's no advantage to tax breaks if you don't make any money in the first place. What's more, if you lose money (which most people do), you won't be able to offset it against any gains, as you can do with share trading for example.
29 Aug 2011
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6 Sep 2008
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30 Sep 2008
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9 Aug 2009
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