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It is all about the squatter rights and losses which people can suffer due to it. It also includes the way to get protected from The effects of Squatter rights
21 May 2010
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Funny Comcast Internet Commercial The Squatter
29 Jan 2011
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3 rules, 2 wiseguys, 1 stupid solution to a housing problem. Set in present day Manhattan, follow the absurd lives of two 20-somethings who, becoming fed up with the cost of living, have vowed to live without the cost, comfort and convenience of an apartment until one of them caves and buys a condo. Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Jun 2010
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A Gritty Tv Series Pilot showcasing the Ins & Outs of Squatting in New York!
4 Nov 2011
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Squatters Subversive window in dark london.
19 Mar 2007
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Filipino title: Paano na si Juan? This documentary is about poverty in the Philippines. This is made by our group in SS101 from Mapua. Credits to my groupmates for a job well done. Awarded best video editing.
19 Dec 2007
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This Video Was Made To Document The Very Questionable Renovation Work On My Apartment Of 10 Plus Years. UHAB Is The New Owner And The Renovations Were Done In A Very Shoddy Manner By HOSCON CONSTRUCTION. For My Next Video I Will Show Proof That HOSCON CONSTRUCTION ACTED IN A VERY UNETHICAL AND RACIST MANNER TOWARDS MYSELF AND MY HOME.
7 Mar 2012
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Squatter reading "A Million to One"
30 May 2008
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Squatter saying "Over my dead body"
30 May 2008
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******* (better quality) "Today, the 27th of may, we have squatted a house at 5:45 p.m.! The house belongs to Ver.di and has been vacant for many years. Well, we said: Stop the mindless vacancy - let's get a social hub! The house is located directly at Michaelkirchplatz, within walking distance (5min) of Kottbusser Tor." The documentary starts at about 9 p.m. infront of the house where pigs force open the entrance. At this time they might already got into the "matter of economical venture" by using the roof, just as the squatters did. Not because squatting is illegal, but due to the fact that the labor union Ver.di and their estate manager have filed a complaint. 300 supporters, who showed solidarity with the squatters by presence and chants, had gathered infront of the house and were later annoyed by pigs with restraining orders and kicks. (A witness reported that people were apparently pulled into police vans at random.) Stroebele (a representative) comments on the events, vacant houses in Berlin and the lack of negotiation from the labor union (Ver.di) the house belongs to. The next day the squatters comment on their action themselves and how absurd it seems that flats are sold back and forth and even labor unions want to take part in the business game "economical venture" preferably without attracting attention (see the pdf statement and concept of the squatters).
13 Jun 2008
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more at *******www.theuptake**** Self-professed squatter punk Neil, aka Chunk, thinks a lot needs to change in this country. But, he tells The UpTake's Chuck Olsen that protesting will not do any good.
24 Aug 2008
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OutreachAsia**** sponsored Childrens mission in the Nazareth squatters area,Bacoor,Cavite,Philippines. Profile on the child-family sponsorship mission helping to educate children & parents and break the cycle of poverty in the Philippines. Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Sep 2008
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Celente says that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.
14 Nov 2008
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Bakit ECONOMY lang ang DYESEBEL? Dahil: ANG BUNTOT - Manipis ang materyal na ginamit sa paggawa ng kanyang buntot. At ayon pa sa GMA ay malaki(daw) ang budget nila sa produksiyong ito. Pero, pero, pero... Tingnan nyo ang video sa link na ito: ******* Chika-M... Kitang-kita na sa isang "Squatter's Area" lang (yata) nila pinaggawa ang buntot at hindi sa isang Prosthetic Expert. Hmmm... I smell something FISHY! Kung malaki ang budget, bakit doon lang pinaggawa? At kitang-kita nyo naman na RUSH ang pagkakagawa. Pano naman kasi, hindi umabot ng isang buwan ang preparasyon. Halata na ba? Halata na bang pang ECONOMY lang ang DYESEBEL? Kaya pala patok sa ratings, kasi maraming CHEAP at mga KATULONG na nanonood. AT ETO PA! Kapansin-pansin na WIG lang ang ginagamit ni Marian. WIG! WIG! WIG! Pero si Claudine, nagpa HAIR EXTENSION talaga! Kasi nga, QUALITY ang habol ng Dos, at hindi yung "for rating's sake" na proyekto. Kita nyo naman na sa Maligno eh pilot episode pa lang eh marami na ang mga twists. Whereas sa Dyesebel, eh ang LOUSY ng story. Ang bagal ng istorya. HALATANG HABOL-HABOL ANG RATINGS. Ang Hatol: Dyesebel - ECONOMY Marina - QUALITY WAG NANG UMANGAL DAHIL TOTOO NAMAN EH! KUNG HINDI TOTOO LAHAT NG SINABI KO, THEN PROVE IT! LLLLLOsers! awoooh! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!
8 Feb 2009
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Films on this DVD include... The saga of On The verge – the film they tried to ban, the Newhaven anti-incinerator campaign, Forgive us our trespasses - as squatters take over an abandoned Brighton church, Titnore Woods update, protests against BNP festival and more... Trailer for the forthcoming SchMOVIES DVD Collection 'Uncertified' This DVD will be on sale through this website soon, and will also be freely downloadable as a torrent.
1 Mar 2009
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choir of young believers parked their tour bus by an abandoned rail yard behind the Århus Musikhuset and had acquainted themselves with the Christiania-type community of squatters who are transforming the space. They had spotted a slightly out of tune piano in their travels around the space and suggested it as a good spot to shoot. We only had a brief time window so the group took their positions and went straight into it. Shot and edited by Stuart Rogers with sound recorded by Hreiðar S. Marinósson and mixed by Ben Allen.
23 Jun 2009
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