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Twelve piglets compete for less than a dozen places available for lunch.
21 Dec 2019
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Good ol' boys make the city boy squeal
7 Sep 2009
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In Road Kill we grill in a PIG and several of the Band Members from Dannicus Live got Frisky, Maybe they should change their name to Deliverance Live! Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 Jan 2010
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Level walkthrough
22 Oct 2019
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This video will not necessarily make you an amazing screamer. it will give you the basics on inward screaming (also known as pig squealing) (made famous by Vehemence and Job for a Cowboy) but you'll have to practice yourself How To Screamo Scream and Outward Screaming should be coming soon.
1 Aug 2008
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A french town in the heart of 'pig country' holds a festival where the townsfolk squeal like pigs.
15 Sep 2010
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cops get hit by an taser!!
7 Nov 2006
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funny videos, tips, tricks, hacks, mobile downloads.
14 Mar 2008
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The infamous scene from the movie Deliverance.
11 May 2013
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A pretty girl making pig squealing noises.
30 Jul 2008
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PLEASE READ FIRST!... This footage is very very scary and is 100% real as shown on CNN only last month with an exclusive interview with Demonologist Lorraine Warren, who is currently leading the investigation.The babys crib is to the left of the door but isnt shown due to anonymity. The parents had it edited out by zooming in on where the occurances are seen. The legs and part of the crib can still be seen. This is the clip of the incredible footage of a ghost caught on tape by the parents of a 7 month old baby who is still currently being awakened at random by a ghost and annoyed. I recommend turning up the volume for this one and dont worry, even though the footage itself is shocking, there isnt anything that will make you jump up. If you turn up the volume you will hear the scary annoyances that poor baby had to go through. I heard a pig and crying. Not only the baby crying...the crying of a woman. Incredibly spooky. There wasnt anybody near that room for hours and the door opened and closed by itself. Demonologist 'Lorraine Warren',famous for her haunting investigations and many books, insists the footage is real and stated "no foul play" by the childs parents on CNN during the interview and stated that the entity caught on tape was "no trickery due to mishaps or mere shadows". She also mentioned that the entity cannot be passed off as a shadow due to the "contrast and severe cold it emits" as she too and her investigators have been "thumped by it" on 4 different occasions since taking the investigation. The mother told investigators that the baby stopped crying momentarily because he thought it was herself that had come in to check if he was alright.The growl followed and then the sound of the mothers voice crying even though she wasnt crying or near that room.The investagation is still going on and the child is being watched closely, both by the parents,Demonologist Lorraine Warren and unfortunately, by the entity aswell. According to Lorraine Warren, this entity has the ability to copy the voices of people, hence causing much confusion in the house between the parents. The father has been heard using VILE language from inside the childs room and sometimes from under the crib itself, even though he is always at work when it happens. The mother is often heard crying in different rooms around the house by her husband when she isnt crying atall and she, on many occasions, even heard her own voice... crying from both the attic and her babys bedroom. Some of this crying is heard in the footage you will see along with the other disturbances. Much more occurances have been recorded by Lorraine Warren and her team of investagtors but hasnt been shown to the public yet due to the parents wishes of anonymity. Im glad i dont live there! PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE THIS.
26 Dec 2006
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stock tC in the rain,
12 Feb 2007
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Hear the sound of pure FEAR. Watch this guy scream so loud in terror. we scare him in the morning and the first thing he sees is a WITCH. lol
11 Mar 2007
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This song helped Oziel win a contest. Some really cool effects, a little joke at the end.
17 Aug 2007
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In north Texas, at the end of summer, there is a contest to see who can burn the most rubber.
24 May 2008
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