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13 Jan 2011
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17 Nov 2011
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This piece is based on real events. The younger son of a prominent local family was found stabbed to death outside a halfway house. I had tried to help him out several years earlier, but I had no choice but to evict him.
24 May 2007
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On Christmas Eve morning in 1933, the spiritual leader of Armenians in America, Archbishop Ghevont Tourian, is stabbed to death as he begins Sunday services. His infamous murder in a little New York City church is witnessed by hundreds of parishioners. The next day, this story is splashed on the front page of every major newspaper -- and no wonder. Not since the assassination of Thomas Becket has such a high religious leader been slain in a house of worship. This gruesome homicide shatters the Armenian community and confounds the cops. Was it a terrorist attack to silence a political adversary, a KGB plot to discredit anti-communists in America, or simply a tragic turn in an ancient, bitter dispute? Journalist Terry Phillips reveals new details including previously unpublished facts and photographs in this historical novel dramatizing the events. For more information, visit HyeBooks****
11 Sep 2008
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******* Imagine you are ambling down the street late one night when suddenly you are attacked and stabbed to death in the back. You wake up in a dark room where an unfamiliar face offers to "help you chang...
29 Jan 2010
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One of the most acclaimed films at the Cannes Film Festival, and the fifth feature from internationally renowned director Pablo Trapero (BORN AND BRED, FAMILIA RODANTE), LION’S DEN is a powerful and unflinching emotional drama, charting one mother's struggle to raise her child in extraordinary circumstances and her compelling fight for their survival and freedom. Julia (Martina Gusman, BORN AND BRED) awakes in her apartment one morning, bruised and bloodied, to discover a horrific scene: her partner Nahuel stabbed to death and their lover Ramiro (Rodrigo Santoro, CHE, LOST) severely injured, though still alive. Unable to offer an explanation for the course of events, Julia is quickly arrested for murder - pending trial. Denied parole due to the severity of the crime and now found to be pregnant, Julia is transferred to a secure wing for mothers and their babies, in one of Argentina's most notorious prisons. Befriended by a fellow inmate, Marta (Laura Garcia), Julia must come to terms not only with her new life of incarceration but with the impending birth of her son and motherhood behind bars. Shot entirely on location, largely in Batan Penitentiary, Buenos Aires, LION'S DEN is a gripping and affecting film, featuring a breathtaking, award-winning performance by Martina Gusman.
23 Feb 2011
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(c) 2009 André Daners As I´ve been reported there was a term going on at the beginning of what later was called "NDW" (and what was stabbed to death by: Nena, Hubert Kah etc...); that term was "German as a foreign language" That means: The young folks of the early 80's were so used to and in a sense fed up with being almost relentlessly surrounded by anglo-american Pomusic... They liked it, but it was time to do something ORIGINAL (The rest is history). In the song "Lichter der Stadt" you might notice that the title-line is translated into ENGLISH. But more importantly I use strange grammar by singing: "Denk daran was wir vor hatten". It does sound right but it isn't. It happened by accident, I liked and kept it; like I didn´t know it because "It´s a foreign" language... :) I always liked little twists and turns... Footage free use permission by OUR MEDIA.
26 Nov 2011
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Elle finds the body of her soon-to-be-ex husband, Charlie, on her sofa, stabbed to death with her kitchen knife - but the loss is not total: Charlie is still around. Oddly, Elle has a gap in her memory and can't account for her activity during the time of his murder. As she tries to clear herself by finding out how Charlie died, the more she learns, the more danger she faces. As unscrupulous people begin to fear she'll expose them, Elle races against time to avoid arrest, fight off attackers, solve the murder, and make peace with Charlie's spirit.
9 Apr 2013
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