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Joe Rogan stops by O&A along with Ari Shaffir. Rogan has some marijuana breath strips but they give Stalker Patti a regular breath strip but tell her it's a marijuana one. (11/16/07)
25 Mar 2019
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A new feature is born on the Opie and Anthony Show -- it's the Uncomfortably Close Interview! New intern Jared/Station/Alternate Universe Biff interviews the one and only Stalker Patti ... while standing only a nose-length apart.
25 May 2007
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Patrice O'Neal is in studio with Dru Boogie. They talk about Dru's ethnicity which leads to a discussion about racial stereotypes. Jimmy calls in. Him and Patrice bash each other. They talk about DJ technology, NBA's dress code and Patrice's WWE days. The Rock calls in to talk about his movie Doom and wrestling. Stalker Patti comes in and Patrice talks to her about never having sex. Kristi from the Apprentice calls in but the interview doesn't go well for her. Big A arrives to read jokes and they discuss a news story about a guy who spent $241,000 at Score's. (10-21-05)
26 Mar 2019
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Louie is visiting the show. They talk about OJ Simpson's book, Marge from the animal shelter calls in, Louis CK vs Mancow, Ron & Fez, East Side Dave's wedding, gay or funny, sex talk, Alan Alda and Stalker Patti calls in to review a porno. (6/20/07)
29 Mar 2019
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How does a seasoned comedian like Rich Vos perform in front of a live studio audience filled with frothing Opie and Anthony fans? Why he does it from behind bulletproof and soundproof glass, that's how! Of course, Stalker Patti has to intro him.
21 Mar 2007
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