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Letting Terrorists into US to Spy on Them *******
1 Feb 2010
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Catching fishes with your run of the mill rod and a line is standard practice. But what this guy did is purely amazing. That requires some major skill.
9 Aug 2019
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Barack Obama: I have been troubled, and we already had this discussion, so I don't want to go over it again, the degree to which my record is not accurately portrayed. But that's standard practice in some of our political battles. What I do want to focus on, though, is how important it is, when you talked about taking on the Republicans, how important it is I think to redraw the political map in this country. And the reason I say that is that we have gone through the 2000 election, the 2004 election, both of which were disappointing elections. But the truth is that we as Democrats have not had a working majority in a very long time. And what I mean by that is a working majority that could push through the kinds of bold initiatives that all of us have proposed. And one of the reasons that I am running for president is because I believe that I can inspire new people to get involved in the process, that I can reach out to independents and, yes, some Republicans who have also lost trust in their government and want to see something new. When you look at Bush and Cheney and their record, the one good thing they've done for us is they have given their party a very bad name. (APPLAUSE) Keywords: SC, South Carolina, Democratic Debate, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, Independents, Republicans, politics, Washington That gives us a unique opportunity in this election, and what we can't do, I think, is just to take the playing field as a given. We want to expand the scope of the electorate so that we can start getting a 60 percent majority, more folks in the House, more folks in the Senate, and I think that's something I can do. OBAMA: And that's why we've seen record turnout in every election so far. I'm not taking all the credit for it. I think people are voting against George Bush. But I also think that we've inspired people who had not previously voted before, and that's what the Democratic Party has to do.
23 Jan 2008
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The 1960s and 70s were times of social upheaval. Vietnam began to take center stage in the public eye. At the military's request, Red Cross began a program to provide recreational activities in Vietnam. The organization continued its long tradition of providing emergency communications between soldiers and their families. Red Cross lived up to its commitment to the people of America "supporting the troops and providing relief to refugees. Domestically, Hurricane Camille roared ashore in 1969 " devastating the Gulf Coast. It dramatically changed the organization's approach to disaster relief as Red Cross recognized the need for a more equitable distribution of aid. By the 1970s, even though Red Cross had been helping and meeting the needs of the American public for almost 100 years, many people felt the Red Cross was not relevant and had lost touch. (SOT: man-on-the-street interviews from "More Than Coffee & Donut's") In the years leading up to the centennial celebration in 1981, Red Cross was transforming itself. The organization called for a national blood policy to standardize practices and end paid donations. Health and Safety services made bold strides in water safety and first aid.
9 Feb 2009
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See a sample of the SEOToolSet SEO Training Course. Our search engine optimization training class is comprehensive and covers all of our standard practices in a 3 day course for Marketing and Web Design staff. Visit *******www.bruceclay****/seo/training.htm for more information.
28 Jan 2009
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*******BuyAHomeHouston**** Luxury Homes In Houston TX New Homes for Sale In Houston *******BuyaHomeHouston**** (806) 587-0130 If you’re in the market for a luxury home, consider purchasing one of the many luxury homes in the Houston, TX area. For years, Houston has been one of the most rapidly growing cities in America. This increase in population and status has caused an increase in the bustling nightlife, refined eateries and a wide variety of choices in entertainment. But, most importantly is where Houston, TX stands economically against other major cities. Though Houston, TX is still in the growing stages, Houston has yet to reach its peak potential. Purchasing luxury homes in Houston, TX in this current market ensures that you get your hands on a good deal and are able to effortlessly build equity as the city’s value continues to skyrocket. Why Choose Houston, TX? The city of Houston boasts many local attractions, fine dining, museums and other refined forms of entertainment to offer its community. When you become a resident of Houston, TX you’re opening yourself to the convenience of both small town living and big city convenience. When purchasing luxury homes in Houston, TX you’re able to access hiking trails, historic sites, such as the Water Wall and the Wortham Center. Houston is also a family friendly city as it features countless parks, trails, museums and a zoo. What you get for the Money Prices for luxury homes in Houston, TX vary greatly. While it is possible to find affordably priced homes which feature the amenities and aesthetics of luxury homes in Houston, TX for less than $300,000; However, truly luxurious homes within the major zip codes, 77001, 77020, 77040, 77060, 77080, 77201, 77230, 77290, 77277 and 77223 typically start at approximately $550,000 and rise up to $12,000,000. Now, these luxury homes in Houston, TX will feature over 4,000 sq. ft of living space, grand entrances, pools, custom outdoor living spaces and fully renovated, custom kitchens and baths. Of course, spacious master bedroom suites with dream-worthy walk-in closets and lavish master bathrooms with jetted tubs and spa-like showers are considered standard practice in luxury homes in Houston, TX. If you’re interested in purchasing a luxury home in Houston, TX contact us at (806) 587-0130. Alternatively, you can reach us at www.BuyaHomeHouston****. All it takes is one call to make your dream of purchasing one of the many luxury homes in Houston, TX a reality.
20 Jan 2010
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As Earth Day Approaches, Las Vegas Adopts Initiatives for a More Eco-Friendly Community As part of an effort to create a greener community, Las Vegas is adopting innovative ways to make their hotels, restaurants and destinations more environmentally conscious. In fact, the city takes a lead in LEED rating with six gold ratings from the U.S. Green Building Council for MGM Mirage's City Center, the highest achievement to date. And combined, the Palazzo, Venetian and Sands Expo and Convention Center form the largest LEED-certified building in the world. Through their re-engineering efforts the Palazzo and Sands currently recycle 55 percent of their overall waste stream, approximately 10 thousand tons of recycled goods per year. Recycling, low-flow appliances, and energy efficient lighting are some of the standard practices many resorts are using to bring down their carbon footprint. Harrah's Entertainment is also pledging to find more sustainable solutions for how they do business with their comprehensive environmental program, CODE GREEN. This footage is free for unrestricted use. Broadcasters: please courtesy Las Vegas News Bureau
7 Apr 2010
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*******www****booknews**** The notion that each child can have a computer in the classroom is a great dream. In the mean time while we sort out the logistics of how we are going to make this happen why don't we figure out how a small school could make use of just two. The English House a boutique English school in Taipei and has been provided with 2 Classmate PCs. Scott & Sheila McIntosh owners of the cram school discuss how they plan on integrating them into their curriculum. They have only had they a day so this is ground zero, learn how what they hope these netbook will foster in the classroom and their reservations that gadgets are gimmicks. The English House offers over a dozen classes but each is limited to a maximum of 10 students. They offer classes from Grade 1 all the way up to Junior High. Since they don't have a large budget for technology its important for them to see the value in rolling out new education tools in their boutique english school. The English House presents a unique example of how english schools in Asia might start to adopt this form of affordable technology in the classroom. Situations like this are actually very standard in Asia as after school programs teaching children english are standard practice. They are an additional cost to the parents so the quality of education provided can vary greatly between school. The English House hopes to make themselves more competitive by integrating netbooks into the classroom. Please follow along as this is a multipart series that will deal with different aspects of netbooks as an educational tool in the classroom. Below you'll find the first video of the series.
4 Nov 2010
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In the current age of technology where e-mail and many other forms of electronic communication are free of charge, Telecommunications companies continue charging people as much as 15 to 20 cents to send text messages to phones, and another 15 to 20 cents to receive a reply. This is standard practice among carriers these days. I know this is tough to digest but bear with me! However Smart Mouth Mobile, and other wifi calling applications are changing everything!
2 Nov 2011
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In the current age of technology where e-mail and many other forms of electronic communication are free of charge, Telecommunications companies continue charging people as much as 15 to 20 cents to send text messages to phones, and another 15 to 20 cents to receive a reply. This is standard practice among carriers these days. I know this is tough to digest but bear with me! However Smart Mouth Mobile, and other wifi calling applications are changing everything!
5 Nov 2011
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Dr. Wendy Wang, MD is a practicing Medical Oncologist at The Everett Clinic. Breast cancer management involves a multidisciplinary approach, so we try to get all of the specialists, the medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist on board. So we have a consensus on the treatment plan. This is standard practice in cancer treatment centers. At each conference, we discuss all the newly diagnosed breast cancer cases. We go over their imaging studies, like mammogram, MRI, ultrasound. The pathologist will present the slides, the final diagnosis, and the surgical oncologist will discuss the surgical plan; the medical oncologist will talk about the need for chemotherapy, or no need for chemo; and the radiation oncologist will talk about the need for radiation. So we're all on the same page at the time of diagnosis. For more information on Dr. Wang, please visit *******www.everettclinic****/Physicians/Wendy_Wang.ashx?p=3752&srchloc=31.
19 Jan 2012
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For more information, visit: *******www.growingmarijuana**** Vegetative growth is the second stage of a plants lifecycle after germination. During this stage a plant will be photosynthesising as much as possible to grow as large as it can before entering the flowering period. All plants have a vegetative stage where they are growing as fast as possible, with marijuana it is almost standard practice to grow Cannabis plants with little to no dark period to increase the speed and amount of growth. Because of this vigorous growth plants may not always develop the way you want them to. One such phenomenon is called stretching. This can be observed through the spacing between new branches, if the plant is not receiving enough light there will be very little lateral growth, it will grow tall and lanky as it tries to grow closer to the light source. To avoid stretching during my stage of plant development, keep the light source as close to the plants as you can.
15 Mar 2012
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