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«Borg Music Video containing footage from Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek: First Contact» Originally posted on YouTube by papermoo.
4 Aug 2009
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*******hubpages****/t/13c61e A kit means a set of parts or materials to be assembled. The phrase, “set of materials” would really excite enthusiasts of the collection, no matter what the collection is. For one, because this phrase implies a good quantity, and not just one. Star Trek is known for releasing several model kits. Having updated model kits every once in a while helps to keep the interest of the subscribers and avoid getting them bored that might lead them to straying away from Star Trek. For the year 2009, there were various Star Trek model kits. This was brought back by Round 2. There were also releases from 2008 which was done by Polar lights and AMT brands. Last February 2009, there was the release of the first model kit for 2009. This was the 1:1400 from AMT Enterprise. This was first released in 1996 with the feature film, “Star Trek First Contact”. When assembled, this model will be more than 19 inches and this model came from 30 pieces from the kit. May 2009 welcomed a model from Polar Lights Enterprise. This model was called A 1:35o model kit. This is much bigger and creates a piece of 34 inches when built. For the last month of year 2009, the last one of the Star Trek model kits was made by AMT. This was called the Spock Diorama model kit. This is one of the earliest and most popular models. It became a success, especially because this particular model has not been available to the public for the last 30 years. Star Trek model kits are also sources of entertainment, in addition to a lot of Star Trek products, from the science fiction film itself, to a wide range of Star Trek computer games to choose from. The good thing about model kits is that they do not require a computer or electricity to be used. Aside from enjoyment brought by assembling the model kits, the person learns and enhances his creativity and technical skills while playing. At the end of the game or the play or whatever term one might want to call the assemblage of the model kits, there is a tangible proof of the success of building a model. What would raise higher the enthusiasm of Star Trek model kits fans is the fact that Round 2 is both considering and working to create more interesting releases of these model kits this year, 2010. They plan to do more retro AMT and Polar Light releases. Really, getting hooked to collecting Star Trek model kits has its way of making one feel happy and at the same time smart. It is not easy to assemble pieces and create a masterpiece. Thus these model kits present both fulfiLlment and accomplishment to the fans.
15 Apr 2010
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