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A vocal remix I made to Emancipator's "Old Devil." Please comment and subscribe! They call me the old devil Do-gooder, cold rebel, Unkempt, so disheveled Yet I keep a shiny pistol In my pocket, I’m the best Marksman, here of the west Crooked villains put to rest Justice served, nothing less Everyday until now I turned it all around They could burn it to the ground But I’m the new sheriff in town Without a badge and unrenowned So you better watch out(stop) From dusk until dawn I buck up, instill laws Culprits, I kill em all. Revolvers and vicious thoughts Go together, no aggressor Will be given windfall Until proven innocent Rocky was an arch rival better known as star child Most the time, riled up Starting fights and slightly drunk. Spent his time in the saloon From the night to the noon. But one day he’d spark a fuse When he thought that he could nab my girl Tie her up and marry her Cause now he’s gonna have to answer To my deadly derringer. Found em in the hotel, She was crying, with no help From anyone, except myself But Rocky pulled it from his belt. “You got three seconds to let her out before I pull the trigger now,” I said with a gun in hand, while he was Sitting down. Then he slowly got up Ready for the gunfight. Steady with his thumb tight Around the lever, “All right.” He said, “Why don’t we take this outside? Mono y mono, before we shoot ourselves in the eyes.” Frozen in a standstill, well-aware that I can’t kill With the girl in the room, who let out a scant shrill. He and I slowly moved - towards the door Down the stairs, guns in place, The working poor couldn’t stand to see his face It was quiet outside, not a howl from the wind. Not a caw from the birds, or a meow from a kitten. The sun was drawn high Bout 5 till three “Get em good, Old Devil.” “Show em up, Rocky.” We started walking backwards No talking; taciturn. (stop) “Put your gun in your holster.” “You first, you coward.” I could see we’re getting nowhere. Bout 4 to the hour 2:10 “When the clock strikes three, why dont
6 Jun 2010
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Dee Dee The Junkie Goes Into His Kitchen. The Kitchen Utensils All Start Fighting With Each Other. All Hell Breaks Out. This Is One Of His Greatest Adventures.
31 Mar 2011
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This is the story behind the video. Gabriella suspects Troy is having a fling with Sharpay in the beginning, so she tries to break it off, but she decides for insecure reasons she really doesn't want to. So she gives Troy the cold shoulder, and this starts making him angry. They start fighting a little bit. He then finds out that she's upset over Sharpay, but when he tries to explain it never happened, she doesn't believe him. Instead she starts flirting around with Ryan and in the end leaves Troy for him. The ending with the dancing was put in because of laziness. Also some verses need to be explained like... "Run, Run like you do I'm chasing you I'm on your tail I'm gaining fast You’re going nowhere" This one means that Troy has Gabriella under his control (not possessively, but if you want to think that, then go ahead), and she wants to get out of it, but she can't. She just keeps going nowhere. "Try to fix what you've done Turn back the sun The night is calling And we're falling faster now" This one means that Gabriella feels stupid for falling for Troy, and she wants things to back to the way they were. Unfortunately everything is happening way too fast for her to slow down. So yeah, basically Troy is pushed away by Gabby. Program used: sony vegas 7 Font(s): ParmalnitialenMK & Flubber Sorry if this confused you!
10 Apr 2011
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Iraq politicians start fighting during a live TV debate, maybe this will give Cameron, Clegg and Miliband ideas for the next leaders debate.
19 Apr 2011
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6 Jun 2011
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I went nuts and started fighting random people in the game "The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion". Good game but it gets boring after a while.
18 Jun 2011
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6 Jul 2011
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BY CHARLES MCKEAGUE ANCHOR LOGAN TITTLE Slow job growth, sluggish economy and the Solyndra investigation. A president’s approval rating can only take so much abuse, and Obama’s has reached an all time low. Fox News was quick to note that – the President’s new rating is worse than some of his predecessors. “Clayton: 43 percent approval rating right now, that is one of the biggest hell of the presidency right now. And it is interesting, looking at politicians and presidents at the same point in presidency, Bush, 70 percent approval rating after the first Bush with ratings below 50 percent and Bill Clinton at 48 percent, president Obama's rating lowest of any those presidents.” And as expected - a vast difference between Republicans and Democrats. But CBS News notes it might actually be the independents driving the rating down. “…the vast majority of Democrats approve (78 percent), while even more Republicans disapprove (89 percent) of how he's handling his job. But only 37 percent of independents approve, with 54 percent disapproving.” Despite the down numbers the president said he has a “much better” chance of getting re-elected thang back in 2008. Last year Obama – and downplayed the ratings game. “When your poll numbers drop you are an idiot. When your poll numbers are high you are a genius. When my poll numbers are low I’m cool cerebral, and cold and detached. If my poll numbers are high, boy he’s calm and reasoned. So that’s the filter through which a lot of this stuff is interpreted.”’ (ABC) Analysts on MSNBC – are much more optimistic – citing Obama’s likeable personality. They say it’s quite an achievement given everything he took on – that the ratings aren’t any lower. “I think given objectives conditions of the country the fact the president is only at 43% is absolutely a remarkable stunning feat of political, you know, talent. Americans like the president. His likability factor is very high even if his job approval rating has sunk low." And over on CNN – Roland Martin says Obama’s gotta start fighting, or he’ll lose his base. “…[N]o one fears the president. … The base wants to know that you're going to fight as hard as you can, and you cannot give the impression that hey, I'm Mr. Bipartisan and let's work this thing out. Folks want to see you go to battle, even if it means losing a good fight.” Not only is Obama’s approval rating down to an all time low – but so is Congress’. A new CBS News/ New York times Poll shows just 12 percent of Americans approve of how congress is doing its job.
18 Sep 2011
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Since 1987, IICD has trained over a 1,400 volunteers, who have taken part in development and community work with projects in Africa, Central America and Brazil. IICD is a private nonprofit organization, registered as a 501(c)(3), located in state of Massachusetts and Michigan. We are looking forward to hearing from you and start fighting together against the poverty and other issues we have. www.iicd-volunteer**** [Massachusetts school website] www.iicdmichigan**** [Michigan school website]
25 Mar 2012
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One of the worst ass whoopins anyone has ever seen. YouTube was RatedRRaj's life cause he was an out of work 35 year old virgin who did nothing but play video games and post vids of them on his channel that he loved and start fights that he always lost but pretended that getting the last word in then blocking or deleting the messages was somehow a win. Pussy couldn't survive a week against me before I made him delete his account.
17 Jan 2013
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*******nerdcubed****** Imagine if one day drawing mannequins all over the world went insane and started fighting. This is the game of that idea! :D Go get Toribash now! *******www.toribash****/ Music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod *******www.incompetech****/ "Danse Macabre - Big Hit 1" *******www.incompetech****/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=%22Danse+Macabre+-+Big+Hit+1%22&Search=Search Ending Music - "Somewhere Sunny (ver 2)" *******www.incompetech****/m/c/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=Somewhere+Sunny+%28ver+2%29&Search=Search
11 Mar 2013
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Hot wasted tattooed white trash girl and her friend get blackout drunk and start fighting. After a guy gets the drunk chick to back up, she hits him in the face and throws his hat and glasses into the pool. Things escalate quickly when she runs up, kicking a girl in the hot tub in the face, and fighting off over half a dozen security guards and staff members. She jumps backwards into the jacuzzi, splashes the staff, flashes her tits and pussy, and slaps her twat as if to say 'come get it'. She goes on to almost drown one of the security members and much of the rest of the fight continues with her nips out and tits hanging hap-hazardly. Everyone who is seeing this who was on the cruise with us, had tons of fun! Someone should hit this girl up on Facebook so I can tag her.
10 May 2013
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