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Swarrnim is a thriving preeminent university which will work as a hub-and- spoke model where disciplines like Engineering, Architecture, Design, Science, Management, Paramedical and other streams will get its value enhancement through Innovation, startup and entrepreneurship.
This is a different and very effective approach to making windows start much quicker. This will help a lot of people with their "Chuggy" PC startup. Enjoy! :D
2 Apr 2008
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A tip from hackinbox**** to show you how to Fix windows Vista Startup Problems.
2 May 2008
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Even the most successful make mistakes. Learning from those mistakes is what separates the unsuccessful from the successful. Nikki explains how her startup business went wrong but ended up a huge success by avoiding a few pitfalls and being true to one's self.
20 May 2008
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Change XP Startup Sound - اجعل جهازك يبدأ بالبسملة Just find the audio file you need your windows to startup with. Make sure it's in .wav format. Then browse in sounds, and select that file. Reboot and windows will startup reciting your sound. In our example in the video, it will start by saying: "Bismillahir-RaHmanir-RaHim"! Regards.
12 Jun 2008
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Blake Jennelle from Philly Startup Leaders Speaks at Ignite Philly about the importance of boot strapping the harsh realities of venture capital funding.
14 Jun 2008
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Learn how to create your own CUSTOM default startup document in Reason. Quick tip from Fred Maher at OBEDIA. www.obedia****/reason
11 Aug 2008
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How to View / Modify Windows Startup Programs?The Programs that start when computer is started. To View/Modify Startup Programs Go to Run - > Type Msconfig & press Enter This Computer has Startup Programs such as Turn Off Monitor Utility & Configurable Desktop Clock Utility by *******www.rtsoftwares**** This will work on Windows Vista as well. This video has been taken on Windows XP. The Last Tab [Startup] Lists the Programs that are started by default which can be enabled/disabled by checking/unchecking the corresponding check box. The Msconfig Utility also allows to control the Windows Services as well and more to explore... Apart from above there can be shortcuts in Start->Programs->Startup Folder
13 Oct 2008
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FREE Windows XP Slow Startup Fixer Available At: *******www.ComputerProblemFix**** In this video John will explain how to fix your Windows XP Slow Startup Problem. It's very easy to fix your computers slow startup problem and to make your computer run faster. Without fixing your computers Windows XP Startup errors, your computer will continue to get slower and possibly even freeze. Fix the problem today for free at *******www.ComputerProblemFix****
1 Dec 2008
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Auf der startups Webseite findet man aktuelle Information / News zu Web 2.0 Gr
25 Dec 2008
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An introduction to LTLprints**** for the Philly Startup Blog.
9 Jan 2009
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Entrepreneurs, There are a few things and more importantly people, you should know that will get your startup moving in the right direction. Watch Seovice episode 26 for a few tips on how to build up awareness. Please Subscribe! *******www.seovice****
21 Jan 2009
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css startup video
2 Nov 2009
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