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Stem Cell Center Of NJ goal is to help patients restore function and mobility, reduce pain, and ultimately return them back to a life uninhibited by debilitating conditions.
Governor Romney On Stem Cell Research
28 Jul 2007
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May 25, 2006 Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa making his remarks regarding Stem Cell Research
9 Jan 2008
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( The touchy subject of Obamas reversal of Bush's Stem Cell Research decision as it relates to moral, ethical and legal battles. (03-10-09) Pt2.
19 Mar 2009
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Scientists and patients across the United States are excited about the possibility of broader federal support for lifesaving medical research, including stem cell research. This short video explains why doctors, scientists and researchers are pursuing this promising avenue of research -- and why we must preserve our families’ access to important medical advances. To learn more, visit *******www.missouricures****.
8 Apr 2009
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Science Matters #2: Obama bans funding for Adult Stem Cell Research behind closed doors CONTRADICTING his own speeches! Small media outlets that did report Obama's "secret move:" - FirstThings****: *******tinyurl****/dj2vv9 - WesleyJSmith****: *******tinyurl****/dzyahe - FreeRepublic****: *******tinyurl****/cmuhvp - LifeNews****: *******tinyurl****/cspyy3 - Click here to see the entire transcript from the Obama press conference I quoted from: (LA Times) *******tinyurl****/dmhfa9 More stem cell info at *******StemCellAnswers****
9 Apr 2009
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It’s painful to imagine -- going fishing with your father at age 10 and waking up four days later from a coma. That’s exactly what happened to Joseph Jordan, right before he learned he had type 1 diabetes. As bad as the news was, the 10-year-old heard something even worse that day -- the implication that he could expect to die young. Watch this two-minute video to hear Mr. Jordan explain this unforgettable experience 30 years ago -- and how it helped shape his support for lifesaving stem cell research. And please visit www.MissouriCures**** to learn what you can do to protect stem cell research in Missouri!
31 Oct 2009
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What does Stem Cell Research play in our daily lives?
10 Feb 2010
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER ANCHOR CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource health video news analysis from Newsy. In what’s being called a victory for the Obama administration, an appeals court has lifted a ban on federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research. “This ruling overturns a lower court decision and hands a victory to the White House. Last year, a federal judge granted an injunction against stem cell research, but today’s appeals court ruling vacated that injunction so the way is clear for federal funding when it comes to certain stem cell lines.” (KCPQ) The issue isn’t whether embryonic stem cells should be used for research -- it’s over the whether federal money can be used to fund such research. A writer for The Hill lays out the political jockeying thus far. “President Obama signed an executive [order] shortly after he took office reversing an eight-year moratorium ... adopted under President George W. Bush. But a federal judge struck down the order last summer, saying it violated a 1996 law... The judge had issued an injunction against funding, but the appeals court allowed the Obama policy to remain in place until it ruled.” And while stem cell research is a hot topic in American politics, analysts stress - the actual case is largely over legal interpretation of the law. A writer for The Wall Street Journal explains the appeals court decision. “Writing for the majority, Judge Douglas Ginsburg wrote that the ‘balance of equities tilts against’ enjoining government funding of research involving human embryonic stem cells. ‘The record shows private funding is not generally available for stem cell research,’ the judge noted.” And a reporter for The Iowa Independent adds... “That Congress had chosen to reauthorize the 1996 law protecting embryos while in full knowledge that stem cell research was taking place, according to the court, was proof that Congress hadn’t intended to outlaw such study.” But the appeals court decision isn’t necessarily the end of the road for this case -- MSNBC’s Pete Williams explains, it could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court -- though the High Court might be reluctant to take it up. PETE WILLIAMS, NBC NEWS, WASHINGTON, D.C.:“I don’t know that the Supreme Court wants to get involved in this. The legal issue is a relatively sort of mundane legal issue on the standards for granting review and interpreting a federal statute, so there’s no big Constitutional question here involved, but sometimes on these rather dry legal questions, some very important things hinge.” 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for updates in your feed. Get more multisource health video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
3 May 2011
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Now that Pres. Obama has revoked the Bush administration's restrictions on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, patients everywhere are wondering how they can participate in a stem cell research study at the clinical level. Unfortunately, except in one special exception (see the Tips section below) it's still too early to talk about clinical research using embryonic stem cells. Scientists are still experimenting with animals to make sure treatments are both safe and effective. As to the Obama action, the National Institutes of Health has to write guidelines for conducting ethical research using federal tax dollars. (That will take until the middle of summer.) Once those guidelines are in place, NIH will begin evaluating research proposals and awarding grant funding. So, the promise of embryonic stem cell research is still far from being fulfilled in a clinical setting.
8 Mar 2013
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Call Now 888-317-4671 for Free COPD Consultation, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects everyone differently and at different rates of progression. Because there are a variety of COPD treatment options, it can be challenging to know which treatments are right for you. You and your doctor will work together to develop an individualized treatment plan that’s best for you. Traditional COPD treatments include medications, inhalers and oxygen therapy, and they work to manage disease symptoms. One alternative treatment option is stem cell treatment for COPD, which works differently than traditional COPD treatments. Here’s what you need to know about stem cell treatment for COPD. What are stem cells? With the ability to self-renew and replicate, stem cells are the building blocks of life and are essential to every organism. Adult stem cells are called undifferentiated cells, meaning that cells from one part of the body can transform their function to that of other types of tissue. This quality is known as plasticity, and plasticity is the key function of stem cells in regenerative medicine. What is stem cell treatment for COPD? Stem cell treatment for COPD works to promote healing from within the lungs. With the potential to address disease progression and improve lung function, many people turn to stem cell treatment for COPD. The stem cells are extracted from the patient’s blood or bone marrow. Next, the stem cells are separated in our on-site lab, and then they are returned to the patient intravenously. Once the cells are returned to the patient, they can begin to promote healing. Many people report feeling better, breathing easier and living a more active lifestyle after receiving stem cell treatment. If you or a loved one has COPD, pulmonary fibrosis or another chronic lung disease and would like to learn more about stem cell treatment options, contact us at (888) 317-4671.
9 May 2017
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President Obama lifted the eight-year-old ban on new lines of embryonic stem cell research but most experts say the work has just begun. From the Biotechnology Industry Organization convention in Atlanta, two experts, one a Parkinson’s patient, provide a status report in this video. Tricia Brooks, managing director for Alliance Development at BIO and chair of the legislative committee for the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research, and James Trussell, a Parkinson’s sufferer and the Georgia state coordinator for the Parkinson’s Action Network, discuss the latest research, including induced cells as an alternative to embryonic cells. Brooks also discusses the political implications because although the President has lifted the federal ban on embryonic cells, a number of states are considering instituting a state ban. To see it go to, click on Stem Cells and play or download the video. The convention drew 20,000 scientists, industry leaders and government officials to see the latest products and discuss progress in efforts to: find cures for major diseases, find good substitutes for oil-based plastics and fuels, and provide disease-resistant, genetically engineered crops and cloned animals to improve food supplies. If you are a news station and have access to Pathfire, this story is also available on Pathfire DMG. Click on the binoculars, select advanced search tab, highlight DWJ archive, and use keywords: Stem Cells.
19 May 2009
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*******cybermedicinestore****/how-stem-cell-research-can-help-boomers-reverse-aging-my-interview-with-dr-nick-delgado/ What does continued stem cell research really mean for the American public?
4 Jul 2009
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