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www.dranden**** The first official trailer of The Day The Earth Stood Still, upcoming science-fiction remake movie starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly, has finally been released online.
9 Jul 2008
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The first official trailer of The Day The Earth Stood Still, upcoming science-fiction remake movie starring Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly, has finally been released online. The Day the Earth Stood Still is a 2008 science fiction film, a remake of the 1951 film of the same name. Directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, the film updates the Cold War themes of man against man, to the more contemporary concerns of man against nature. Release Date: December 12, 2008 Studio: 20th Century Fox Director: Scott Derrickson Screenwriter: David Scarpa Starring: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith, Jon Hamm, Kyle Chandler
12 Jul 2008
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Me singing You're still you by Josh Groban
17 Jul 2008
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008 Adobe Expands Video Offerings for Desktop Application Adobe will announce today its expanded content available offering on its Adobe Media Player, the desktop application that allows users download and save video clips. The company is also unveiling a new user interface. Big addition of content comes from Sony Pictures. Stephen Shankland at CNET has a report and says he's downloaded Ghost Busters! For an overview on the Adobe Media Player, I interviewed Ashley Still at NAB in May. I've reposted the interview today. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer *******
22 Jul 2008
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Learn if your ex still loves you and watch this video. See more at: *******www.getyourexbackhome**** *******www.getyourexbackhome****/guides--resources.html
29 Jul 2008
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CSN have been playing together for over 40 years and they can still rock with the best of them. This was an amazing concert played on 7/29/08 in NYC at Central Park's Summer Stage. Please enjoy this live version of one of their all-time classics, "Helplessly Hoping."
29 Jan 2009
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The day the earth stood still trailer
11 Aug 2008
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This animation is created by reconstructing 3d environment from single still image using 3d studio max and Photoshop
19 Aug 2008
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A Karaoke version of Peter Allen's best loved composition using still photos only. Judge it yourself
23 Mar 2009
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Join Claude Monet in his adventures through his enchanted garden at Giverny as he learns to celebrate the spirit of sharing and the magic of children at play. When Monet's selfish gardener bans the children from playing in the lush gardens, spring refuses to come and a harsh and tireless frost prevails. Monet is confused about why his beloved garden remains cold and lifeless and grows depressed having nothing beautiful left to paint. One day, the children, led by a remarkable little boy, sneak back into the garden, spreading bursts of spring everywhere. But the little boy who warmed life back into the garden disappears as mysteriously as he came. It will be many years before Monet rediscovers the boy, and in the process discovers something even more beautiful than his gardens. Inspired by one of Oscar Wilde's classic fairy tales and set inside some of Monet's most stunning paintings, In Winter Still is a feast for the eyes and imagination.
18 Sep 2008
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lionel Richie Still
27 Oct 2008
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Sept 18th 2008 Market News from FXDD Markets still Volatile. shawn powell greg michaloski tell it like it is. *******forex.fxdd****
19 Sep 2008
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