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Fiat Stilo 1.6 with 105 BHP outrun Lancer EVO 7 with 400 BHP.
16 Aug 2006
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Crooked Stilo y Sritas. Centroameraca COFECA 2008 en el Lanzamiento del tema musical “La Charanga” de su nuevo Album “Cumbia Urbana”
5 Nov 2009
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Hidden "Service" Test Menu There is an inbuilt menu in the Connect Nav+ unit that allows the user to ensure various modules are working, and that the speakers, antennas and GPS/GSM systems are functioning normally. To access this menu, do the following continuously and quickly: Press "Setup". Press "Connect" 4 times (i.e. push either button 10, 11 or 12 of the 12 buttons along the bottom of the screen). Press "Enter". Scroll down to the newly appeared button "Service", and press "Enter". ENG: Meaning of the Channel's: 1. System error 2. Actual value feeler virtually 3. Actual value interior feeler console 4. Actual value outside temperature - feeler wasserkasten 5. Actual value outside temperature - feeler bumper 6. Actual value blowing out feeler floor space 7. Actual value blowing out feeler man Anstroemer 8. Display check 9. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer temperature flap 10. Target digital value temperature flap 11. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer A/C flap 12. Target digital value A/C flap 13. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer Fuss/Def flap 14. Target digital value Fuss/Def flap 15. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer ram air flap 16. Target digital value ram air flap 17. Driving speed (km/h) 18. Actual value of the blower tension (volt) 19. Desired value of the blower tension (volt) 20. Actual value of the compressor/on-board tension (volt) 21. Number of low-voltage events (not volatile) 22. Switching status of the high pressure switch 23. Number of high pressure events (volatile) 24. Number of high pressure events (not volatile) 25. A/D value kickdown switch 26. A/D value hot light 27. Engine speed 28. Compressor number of revolutions 29. Coding 30. Software-Version 31. Software index 32. Potentiometer error counter temperature flap 33. Potentiometer error counter A/C flap 34. Potentiometer error counter Fuss/Def flap 35. Potentiometer error counter ram air flap 36. Temperature flap notice cold 37. Temperature flap notice warm 38. A/C flap notice closed 39. A/C flap notice opened 40. Fuss/Def flap notice Def 41. Fuss/Def flap notice foot 42. Ram air flap notice on 43. Ram air flap notice to 44. Operating cycle counter 45. Interior temperature counted (Ninc) dig 46. Outside temperature filtered (°C) 47. Outside temperature not filtered (°C) 48. ECOR 49. Coolant temperature 50. Service life in min 51. Engine temperature °C 52. Compressor switching off conditions 53. Announcement more actively el. Exits: Compressor/circulating air valve/water valve 54. Rule index 55. Outside temperature °C 56. Interior feeler virtually °C 57. Interior feeler console °C 58. Temperature wasserkasten °C 59. Temperature bumper °C 60. Blowing out feeler floor space °C 61. Blowing out feeler man Anstroemer °C 62. Sun intensity W/m-1 63. Sun intensity filtered W/m-1 64. Delta exhaust rise 65. Delta A/C Klappenverschiebung 66. Time constant/1.6 seconds of 67. Cold weather starting correction 68. Maximum correcting variable for i and p-portion of 69. Actual value blowing out feeler foot (cnts) 70. Desired value blowing out feeler foot (cnts) 71. Deviation (Epsilon) 72. Portion (+ heat/- cool)
3 Jul 2008
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28 Feb 2010
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Sagopa Kajmer'den güzel bir rap. Stilo...
1 Sep 2008
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Fiat Stilo turbo 270 HP drift
8 Apr 2008
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Roggiano Gravina pellicola vecchio stilo bianco e nero
9 Feb 2009
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25 May 2006
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Top Gear test. Who do you think is better.
14 Aug 2006
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Banging System
21 Nov 2006
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En las remotas tierras sin ley de buitrago... ya que no hay cines ni nada para hacer, que no falten los trompos..
4 Apr 2007
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to je velmi pekna pesnicka a tewsimmsa kedi jichi uvidom haha
6 Oct 2008
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