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6 Oct 2019
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Stimulus package.
21 Jan 2008
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Policymakers are rushing to pass an economic stimulus package driven in part by concerns with the mortgage market. The proposal would cut personal and business taxes, but also increase significantly the limits on federal housing administration mortgage loans and the loan portfolios of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Some warn those increases could leave taxpayers on the hook for risky mortgage loans. According to Pete Sepp, Vice President of Policy and Communications at the National Taxpayers Union, "The more loans FHA takes on from the private sector and backs with government money, the more risk there is to taxpayers of having to make good on those debts. By making good, that means a lot of money taken out of taxpayers pockets." A recent Harris Interactive poll found 66 percent of respondents believe proposals that increase the size of the mortgage loans federal agencies ensure and purchase are "nothing more than a taxpayer-funded bailout of banks and lenders that provided and profited from these risky loans," said Sepp.
29 Jan 2008
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The IRS to Send Out a Notice for Those Who Do Not File Taxes on a Regular Basis with Simple Instructions and a 1040A Form More than 130 million Americans will receive economic stimulus payments this May from the U.S. Treasury, in an effort to boost spending and improve the economy. Among them are 20 million retirees, disabled veterans, certain railroad retirement recipients and low-wage workers that do not file taxes on a regular basis, but will have to this year in order to receive this benefit. In an effort to reach them, the IRS will be sending out an "Economic Stimulus Payment Notice" that includes instructions and the 1040A form that they will have to file and send back to the IRS before October 15th, 2008. The form will ask for basic information like their name, their address and their social security number. To qualify, the person must have a valid social security number and an income of at least $3,000. The minimum stimulus payment is $300 for a single person and $600 for a married couple if they file together. A very simple form, they can also call IRS volunteers or AARP volunteers if they need any help, or have any questions. For more information, go to****/stimulus or To locate the nearest IRS Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) call 1-800-829-1040. To locate the nearest AARP TAX-AIDE site call 1-888-227-7669. Produced for AARP
29 Mar 2008
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File your 1040 tax return to qualify for the economic stimulus package.
1 May 2008
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Where does the economic stimulus money go? www.pdashmedia****
22 May 2008
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The IRS Reminding Those Who Qualify to File Before October 15th More than five million Americans are still eligible to receive an economic stimulus payment. In an effort to reach the millions of retirees and veterans who still qualify, the IRS will be sending out reminder information packets. The package contains instructions and the 1040A form needed to file and send back to the IRS before October 15th. The form will ask individuals for basic information like their name, address and Social Security number. To qualify, the person must have a valid Social Security number and an income of at least $3,000. The minimum stimulus payment is $300 for a single person and $600 for a married couple if they file together. To spread the word, the IRS is working with multiple organizations, like AARP and the United Way, to reach as many people as possible. Individuals can call the IRS or AARP if they need any help, or have any questions. Source: AARP
16 Aug 2008
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For more information on this and other stories, visit www.newsinfusion**** October 23rd, 2008 - As talks begin about another economic stimulus package, legislators agree that effort needs to be made to provide relief to the middle class and encourage consumer confidence. As part of that initiative, a bipartisan group in Congress are seeking to repeal most of the shoe tariff, offering billions of dollars of relief to working families. Their efforts would eliminate this depression-era tax on shoes that drives up prices. Enacted in the 1930s to protect U.S. footwear manufacturers, the shoe tariff, or tax, on imported shoes has outlived its usefulness as 99% of our shoes are made outside of the United States. The tariff serves as a de facto hidden tax on consumers, driving up the import cost for some shoes by as much as 67%.
24 Oct 2008
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*******www.DowellTaggart**** The Dowell Taggart Team presents the Kansas City Real Estate Stimulus Package. Follow the link to see how the Stimulus Package will benefit you if you are buying or selling a home in Kansas City. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Dec 2008
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"Dems Warn Stimulus Will Take Time" is from the January 26, 2009 Express. I can't help myself, but whenever they talk "stimulus," I think Viagra. Ah well, at least I get to start the week drawing a stripper. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Feb 2009
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Lola of Stimulus Response at Pacha NYC. ***Exclusive video by Muema for www.BounceFM****
29 Jan 2009
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Stop the Stimulus bill in 5 minutes, without getting up out of your chair... Time to mobilize, Matrix Breakers!! We're joining forces with (an active coalition of libertarians, independents, Ron Paul republicans -- and, YES, "regular" republicans -- seeking less government and more freedom) to stop the stimulus! They've done all the work - all you have to do is start clicking, dialing, and passing this email and video along to everyone you can think of! Get the details on BTM: the TCOT Action Project network at: details here: don't miss Sandie's blog - she's a fellow BTM/TCOT member:
2 Feb 2009
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Comedian Chuck Roy asks, “Will Your Stimulus Check Bounce?” Videotaped in Denver, Boulder and Breckenridge, Colorado real people answer two questions; will your stimulus check bounce? If not, what will you spend it on? COMMENT AND FORWARD: This thread is about the economic stimulus plan. Post your funny reply, serious suggestion and help move the conversation forward. Embed these videos in your marketing get YOUR LOGO HERE. *******ChuckRoy**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Feb 2009
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Does Obama's stimulus plans have enough ammo targeted to revive the economy in 2009? Our panel of experts cover this topic as well as the current state of the banking system.
9 Feb 2009
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Dr. Paul on the Senate Stimulus "Compromise"
9 Feb 2009
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