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This is gross.Imagine these in your stomach...
19 Oct 2006
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I guess this is what happens when you're bored at 1:30am in the buddy decides to take a few bb's to the stomach and asks me to unload the whole clip..but he could only handle 25rnds before screaming and turning away...funny, funny stuff!!
8 Nov 2006
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Look what can i do with my stomach,it is very funny.Can you do this?
28 Feb 2007
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Cure any stomach problem with this simple yet effective remedy using coca cola.
23 Jun 2007
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*******www.inbux****/fatloss/ How To Lose Fat On The Stomach
6 Oct 2007
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Amazing stomach tricks being done by a guy who can move his stomach muscles in all sorts of ways.
24 Nov 2007
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14 Dec 2007
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Stomach Exercises at www.StomachExercisesNow**** provides free tips and advice if you are looking to lose your belly fat and have a stomach of your dreams.
10 Jan 2008
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this is a strange stomach! Isn't it?
25 Jan 2008
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Video of one of my classes of anatomy, one sees the stomach and the intestines.
30 Mar 2008
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Moving stomach
10 Feb 2008
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More to help you acheive a flat stomach. *******www.wrapyourselfslim****
27 May 2008
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