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Coda is a boutique media company that focuses on managing your digital life. Our mission is to help you manage your online presence and cultivate your following to help achieve specific goals. This could be as simple as helping grow your audience and reputation to planning milestones that can translate to dollars, all the while analyzing and tracking the progress with objectives that make sense. We produce video content for the web and tv and have worked on several musical projects. We have built full-scale web systems spanning from music-centric social networks, twitter-like sites with sms integration, and most recently, developed applications for facebook and the iPhone. We are constantly adapting to social/cultural/technological trends and work to keep our clients one step ahead of the ever-changing landscape that has become our lives online. Our clients include investors, entrepreneurs and agencies as well as entertainment companies for music, tv, and film. As a sub-contractor, Coda has worked on projects for Sony, Fox, Paramount, G4, MySpace, Warner Home Video, and most recently NBC. We can help create and facilitate just about any entertainment project from concept to completion.