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*******www.EliminateFrozenShoulder**** Get your free CD - 7 Secrets of Pain Free Shoulders. If you have frozen shoulder should you not move it at all? Watch this video to find out more.
6 Sep 2009
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I did this with my camera quickly and the technique of take a picture then move the figure came out all right
15 Jan 2007
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Here comes the last show from our UK headquarters before we move on to new adventures. More at *******www.Rawfoodcoach****
21 Mar 2010
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Don't stop moving.
22 Jan 2007
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The day was the same as any other. Then everyone stopped moving.
20 Mar 2007
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An Original short story I wrote about a boy asking why his Goldfish has stopped moving and Illustrated by talented artist Carlos Freire.
6 Sep 2007
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*******www.edmunds****/insideline/do/Features/articleId=129907 --- "We're about to make our first high-speed run in the still-black 2008 Dodge Viper ACR when the old guy pulls up to our makeshift pit. He looks exactly like the guy you'd expect to meet in the middle of the Bonneville Salt Flats, like a worn-out Hank Williams, Jr. Over the deafening cackle of his Cummins-powered diesel pickup, he yells, ""What's you boys doin'?"" ""We're going to make a few runs in this Viper here."" ""Yeah, how fast will she run?"" ""We don't really know. Maybe 190 or so."" By the expression on his face, it's obvious ol' Hank has figured out that we have no idea what we're doin'. He knows we're just a bunch of yahoos with a fast car. He takes a good long look at the big winged Viper, then he shuts off the truck's engine so we can hear him better. ""When you're going fast, the slightest gust of wind can flip you,"" he says. ""That's why we only ran early in the morning when the air was calm."" We look up at the mid-afternoon sun and wonder what we've gotten ourselves into. ""And make sure you don't run out of room,"" he continues. ""You think you have all the space in the world, then Floating Mountain is suddenly right in your face. I remember when I went for 300 mph back in 1978; my chutes didn't open and I almost didn't get her stopped."" He runs his fingers through a white beard. ""Didn't make 300 either,"" he adds. ""Only 280."" Great. We thought this Bonneville thing was as easy as holding our foot down until the speedometer stopped moving. Now Mr. Monday Night has us imagining our $100,000 Viper sliding across the Utah desert on its roof. "
26 Aug 2008
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Chapter 31 After they found Joe's phone everyone was exhausted and fell quickly asleep. Well, everyone but Kirsten.. Kirsten's POV It took me forever to fall asleep. I couldn't help but think about Nick. He was on my mind all the time anyways, and this just made it worse. I had just finally drifted into an uneasy sleep, when I felt someone's hand touched my shoulder. The hand was icy and cold, and my eyes flew open. I was about to scream, when the hand covered my mouth. Terror filled my body. I struggled to escape from the persons hands. It was dark and I couldn't see who it was. Suudenly the person flipped me over and whispered in my ear. ????: Stop moving brat. Kirsten: SAM!? Sam: What? Kirsten: Let me go! Suddenly a new voice spoke... ?????: No way bitch! You stole my boyfriend, and it's time to get rid of you. Realization sung in when I heard the voice. I knew I had to make a scene or I was in trouble. I had to get Joe or Kevin to wake up! Kirsten:....Miley.... Miley: Mhmm? Kirsten:...Sam.. Sam: What? Kirsten: Sam, why are you teaming with her!? I didn't do anything to you!! If you want her back, you think you can force her to go out with you to get me back? She's not like that!! Miley: Just shut up slut!! Ok, this wasn't working. I had a plan. I lay still a nd quiet for a whole two minutes, and they thought I had fallen asleep. Sam: What is she doing? Miley: I dunno. Maybe she died. Sam: *cough* idiot! She's planning something!! Miley: No she's not! Or..well.. i dunno... Both of them started arguing, so I braced myself, Sam's hand let go of me and I bolted to the bedroom door screaming the whole time as loud as I could. I didn't make it far; Miley tackled me, but a light came on and in flew....NICK!?? Nick: MILEY!?? Suddenly Joe appeared at the door, followed by Kevin, then Alyssa and Abbey. Joe: NICK!?? Alyssa: SAM!!?? Kevin: MILEY!?? Abbey: Uhhh ABBEY!!! *This time, it was Alyssa's chance to shove Abbey* Alyssa: Sam!! Oh my god! What is your freakin problem!? Can't you just stay out of my life!?? Abbey, can you go call the cops. I'm getting him gone for good. Joe: Miley's in trouble too. They both broke in. Kevin: Kirsten, are you okay!? Kirsten: Yeah I'm fine! They were gunna 'get rid of me' in Miley's words... Nick looked at Miley. Nick: Are you still so not over me that you have to try and kill my GIRLFRIEND!? *Kirsten's face lit up* Miley: Nick!! Please don't call the cops! This kid here dragged me into it!! Nick: I'm sure. Now your ruined, Miley. You could've had a bright future... Joe looks at Sam angerly. Joe: Can I punch this kids guts out please!? *Sam backs against the wall, remembering that Joe packs a powerful punch* Alyssa: No, Joe, you don't wanna end with the same fate as Miley. *turns towards Abbey who just finished calling the cops* Are they coming?\nAbbey: Mhmm. Sam: *Starting to panic* Alyssa! please! I-I-I-I just love you still! Alyssa: Sam, if you loved me you wouldnt try and kill my best friend or boyfriend, and you would just be my friend. *Sam gets desperate, and lunges forward to Alyssa and starts kissing her. Joe acts fast and rips Sam away from her.* Joe: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT WAS ABOUT!? Sam lunges forward and this time, kisses JOE!! Kevin: WHAT THE ****!!?? *Joe pushes Sam off of him and both Alyssa and Joe wipe their mouths and look disgusted* Alyssa: Who are you!? I don't even know you anymore... *Alyssa starts to cry and Joe wraps her up in his arms and holds her tight. Sam has a look of jealousy on his face* Suddenly the police crash through the door, and head straight for them. They immeaditely grab Sam and Miley and protestingly, drag them out the door. *After the police had left, and questions had been asked.* Abbey shut the door behind the police and shook her head. Abbey: Watch the news tomorrow...this'll be across the world... Kirsten was standing in the doorway to the kitchen, slightly shaken. Nick was standing behind her but she didn't realize it. Kirsten: That was frightening... Nick:...And so was the thought of losing you. Kirsten wiped around and stared at Nick
28 Feb 2009
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Directed By Winston Moxam. Starring: Storma T. McDonald, Ross MacMillan, Ron Dini, Mariette Kiroual, Valentina Wilson, Miako Watson. Produced By Winston Moxam. Written By Gerry Atwell and Winston Moxam. Barbara James is a thirty-something, single, hip and opinionated pregnant Black woman. Her life takes an eventful twist of fate when, one particularly ordinary day, she wakes up and realizes that her unborn baby has stopped moving. On this particular day, Barbara James decides she must sort out her past, present and future. She must come to grips with 30 years of mistakes, miscalculations and misinterpretations, all bound up in a reality she has never faced before. Dealing with a judgmental mother, an irresponsible father who abandons her, an overly protective best friend, no money, no career, no place of her own and a ghost who haunts her, she must decide whether or not to keep her child. Barbara James represents and explores the transitions all of us must go through in our lives...always wondering where to go next and what to do when we get there.
18 Aug 2009
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This video shows how to make an application mouse click to run applications without the physical presence needed. An Application Mouse Click allows one to set Single / Double, right / left mouse clicks, to an application, in a sequence, at a specified location on the computer screen at a specified interval of time, to initiate the application. These remote click sequences can be saved to the computer and reused . A hot key can also be assigned to locate the mouse cursor quickly on the screen. Eg. are auto clicking on Google ADs, gaming (scoreboard), internet connections, mail, etc. Dowload and install the utility Auto-Mouse-Click from *******www.murgee****/Auto-Mouse-Click. Right click on the icon to access the application window. Set mouse co-ordinates (x,y), the type of click required and the time before the click is initiated. One can then "Add" this to the List of Mouse Click Sequences as well as "Save" the same. One can aslo retrieve the settings using the "Load" or "Update"tab. The List of Clicks can be started , stopped, moved in the sequence or deleted as desired. The hot key allows to locate the mouse on the screen.
21 Jul 2009
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'''►► *******Magnet4Power.Net -''' Green Energy With Magnetic Perpetual Motion Machines - If you've been keeping current on research into alternative energy solutions, undoubtedly you have encountered discussion of perpetual motion machines. Perpetual motion machines are applications that once set it motion will run indefinitely or forever without a need for fueling or electrical input. At one time, perpetual motion machines were the stuff of science fiction. People thought them to be a fantasy of wild eyed inventors. Not any more. In the new millennium, billions of dollars have been channeled into research and development of perpetual motion machines. Attitudes have change drastically as the world searches for a solution to the energy crisis we are facing. Understanding Perpetual Motion Machines To understand this concept of perpetual motion, consider a child's swing. The swing continues to move backwards and forward so long as you continue pushing or as long as the child continues a pumping action that moves the toy. If you stop pushing, or the child stops pumping, the swing will slow down and eventually stop moving. This is caused by frictional losses. However, with a perpetual motion machine, the story is a different one. The movement continues indefinitely without slowing down or stopping. The machine itself produces enough energy that it creates motion while managing to overcome the frictional losses that the swing experiences. When we consider ordinary machines and motors, we know that they run on a fuel supply of some type --- electricity, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. The motion continues for as long at the fuel is present. When the fuel runs out, the machine slows and stops. However, if you find a way to power the machine with magnetic energy, the machine runs indefinitely without stopping. This magnetic energy is the basis of the current interest and research into perpetual motion machines. The Free Energy Magnetic Motor Magnetically powered perpetual motion machines would lend themselves to an array of purposes and uses. However, the motivation driving the research and development in this field is the desire to use the machines to create electrical energy. Thus created, the electricity could be distributed by power lines, just as electricity is distributed today. A perpetual motion machine powered by magnetic force is called a free energy magnetic motor. It utilizes the everlasting magnetic force in a magnet and uses this force to create motion. At present, rotary motion machines are the most common examples under development. At this writing, there are no free energy magnetic motor machines being marketed commercially. However, this could change before long. Several prototypes are developed and expected to be released within a few months. Nevertheless, it may be the better part of a decade before these machines are widely available and priced low enough to fit the typical consumer's budget. In the meantime, do-it-yourself fans might want to experiment with an alternative energy source of their own making. Do-It-Yourself Magnet Motor The magnet motor is catnip to do-it-yourself enthusiasts who are scrambling to generate free electricity using magnets and motion. Many are powering their homes with this free power and are enthusiastic about the results and the financial savings. Already many enthusiasts are building their own hand-made versions of the magnetic motor to power their homes. The result is green, renewable, environmentally friendly energy - and once you have bought your supplies to build the motor - it's free. Although it helps if you are handy with tools and motors, making one of these magnetic perpetual motions machines is not difficult. You need basic tools and supplies readily available at any hardware store. When you've built your machine, you will reap the fruits of your labor. You will be generating energy with no emissions whatsoever. Very little maintenance will be necessary. The system will work round the clock, unlike some other alternate energy sources that require wind or sun. Even .....
16 Apr 2010
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*******cleancuisineandmore****/video-yoga-workout-routines-at-home-for-a-younger-body/ Simple Yoga Exercises Can Give You a Younger Looking (and Feeling) Body It probably goes without saying that if you practice yoga regularly you will increase your flexibility. Actually, I think it's the extreme flexibility of some yoga practitioners that intimidates so many people. But, you don't need to be a contortionist to do yoga or to improve your flexibility. Yoga is not a competitive's all about how much your body can do. A Practical Approach to Yoga and Fitness Although a certain amount of mystery surrounds this ancient method of exercise, if you strip away the chanters and forget about Om and look at yoga for what it's based on, which is the principles of breathing, stretching and being in tune to all of the ways your body can move, it starts to become an exercise form that is much more accessible. As we age we tend to get in a movement rut....we basically stop moving the way we did when we were younger and pretty soon, before you know it, we can no longer move the way we once could, even when we decide to try. But, if you practice yoga regularly you can get your younger body back. Not only will you feel younger, but your body will start to look younger too.
19 Oct 2010
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