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Any noise caused during sleeping emitted through the respiratory track is known as the vibration caused in the air passages that connect the nose and the mouth due to extra relaxed throat muscles causes a person to snore. Narrower the air passes, more vibration it produces as air forces itself out causing the loud snores. However, it is not necessary that a person snores at night only as snoring is induced whenever the throat muscles relax and it can happen each time the person takes a nap also. The tissues inside the throat become very soft and relaxed, when the person sleeps just like other muscles in the body. Thus the air passages narrow down and when we breathe, the inhalation and exhalation causes the tissues to vibrate leading to the noise. The snores can range from mild to heavy, which actually depends upon the pressure of air being passed which is directly proportionate to the noise it produces. Snoring is not restricted to adults only but even babies’ snore sometimes. If you have a baby or a child who snores regularly, show him to a doctor immediately as it may be a sign of respiratory disease or an allergy. There are many reasons that a person snores which include allergies, side effect of some medicines, intake of dairy products at bedtime and many others.
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16 Apr 2009
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