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The Officer has pulled over a car for a traffic stop when another car plows right into the back of the pulled over car.
17 Apr 2006
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Take action now! Helping stop child abuse is everyone's responsibility. As an NSPCC campaigner, you can effect real change for children simply by sending an email to those in power. Join thousands of NSPCC supporters urging Government action. Send an e-card to Gordon Brown now asking him to ensure all children and young people have access to help when they need it most. Take action - email Gordon Brown now! -*******campaigning.nspcc*******/stopabuse
24 Oct 2006
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Guy dances to music in bus stop with no shame! You don't want to be stuck in a bus station with this guy, lol.
17 Dec 2006
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This is a pretty cool clip some guy made of himself. He has no musical education, but managed to make this pretty cool video by using stop motion.
16 Nov 2006
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Stop Motion
16 Nov 2006
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Alan B. Densky's Patented Neuro-VISION Video Hypnosis will help you quit smoking in a FLASH! You will enjoy all the benefits of cutting edge stop smoking hypnosis through NLP and video hypnosis. You'll experience reduced stress and high levels of motivation. Now you really can quit smoking without cravings, urges, or weight gain! Visit our main web site at *******
18 Dec 2006
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Jona Lewie's classic Christmas hit, "Stop The Cavalry" mixed with MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech... A Mosquito production.
17 Dec 2006
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Stopping Windows Messenger Alerts Windows Messenger Stop. Preventing Windows Messenger alerts. Stopping Windows Messenger Service. *******www.acomputerportal****/windows_messenger_stop.html Windows Messenger Service is able to send messages to people. This was meant for the Systems Administrator to send alerts to users. For example that the network was closing down for back up of files. These messenger alerts appear similar to a pop-ups on the users display. (Although hyperlinks are not possible, so far as I know). This service is not related to other Messager, type software. Windows Messenger us sometimes used to transmit unwanted advertising messages. There is software available which claims to be able to use Windows Messenger Service to send messages, (could be used for adverts), to anyone who uses Windows Messenger Service.
5 Dec 2006
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This was an awesome stop animation I did with some classmates. Each frame was its own picture.
7 Dec 2006
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This is to show how to stop water from pouring down. I am using a glass full of water and a paper only.
17 Dec 2006
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How to stop a big truck
13 Dec 2006
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test of stop motion
14 Dec 2006
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First attempt at stop mtion that I made with my younger brother, dont go on at me about quality i know it sucks. For those who are interested music by the Flaming lips
26 Dec 2006
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A videoclip with Pixies song "Here comes your man" done with stop motion. This is my first experiment of stop motion, so it's not perfect, but i think it's funny...I hope you like it:)
9 Jan 2007
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