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Always wear the right protection when attempting stunt bike tricks! These guys are all professionals! Christian Pfeiffer goes nuts on a trials bike! *******www.x-tremevideo****/
9 Sep 2010
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wheelies and burnouts, 9 riders stuntin at same time in slow motion, oh! did you see the bee chasing the butterfly :) the bee is a little slower :) i'm still learning on the editing front, this is my 2nd test clip, the next hopefully will be better, i've got another 30 min footage from this event, if i get any good ratings or feedback i'll upload a longer version. also have a load of crazy footage of riders playing with traffic, if you into that check back soon and if you into crazy extreme stunts n stuff check my faves, should be something in there you'll like, peace n love
30 Oct 2010
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*******www.x-tremevideo****/ From the great film Bomber 1 by KE-PICTURES-XTREMEFILMS PRODUCTION
11 Jan 2011
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*******www.x-tremevideo****/ From the great film Urban Street Bike Warriors 3 by Stone Films
10 Mar 2011
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Nothing's Black or White: Urban Supermoto, L.A. Style.
1 Jul 2012
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Nothing's Black or White: Urban Supermoto, L.A. Style.
4 Apr 2013
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Carl si sfoga con una bella minimoto polini da cross,combinando un bel macello,fra impennate,salti ecc.Wants to see the pitbikes in GTA SAN ANDREAS?Watch this marvelous video and you can see the beatiful polini pitibke in unbealiveable tricks like wheelie,stoppie etc
23 Dec 2007
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1 my day whit MTB doing a downhill and making great movie! Wheele MTB, Stoppie, speed ucc..
3 May 2008
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Urban Street Bike Warriors 3 Promo urban street bike warriors stunt stunts race cops wheelie wheelies endos stoppies burnouts rap tony
23 May 2009
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$29 auto insurance *******www.localdiscountautoinsurance**** Yamaha rider pulls a Stoppie in the middle of a busy Boulevard and gets hit from behind by another rider [who's obviously obeying the speedlimit] - Resulting in a nasty broken leg for the Yamaha rider and minor injuries for the rider who hit him.
12 Aug 2009
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*******motorcyclecrashes**** A biker attempts a tank stoppie, loses it, and is nearly crushed as the bike falls forward!
7 Dec 2009
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25 Jan 2018
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Real Bike Stunts - Racing game by GT Action Games - Gameplay Description by Developer Real Bike Stunts is a stunt simulator in which you have to perform amazing and thrilling stunts that will help you score performance points and increase your reputation among the biker gangs. Challenging tracks await you in this game that will test your riding skills and how you perform difficult stunts like wheelies and stoppie. Ride at full speed to get enough momentum to jump of steep ramps and reach the end. Many excellent bike riders are competing with you to win the coveted title of being the best stunt rider. Defeat all of them and secure your position as the best bike rider of 2018. This is the best trial bike with some of the most thrilling and difficult tracks to master. Ignite the passion for bikes in you and get behind the raging wheels and accelerate! Game Features: 1) 3D Amazing Graphics 2) Smooth and Easy Controls 3) Challenging Levels 4) Wide Variety of Motor Bikes to Choose 5) Ability to Perform High Flying Stunts #bringiton #bringitongameplays #gameplay #androidgames #downloadgames #mobilegames #gameplay #racing #motocross #motorcycleracing #stunts
27 Mar 2019
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