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Third installment of Neville's Storytime!
12 Jul 2007
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In this 4th installment of Neville's Storytime Neville explains how the group got together and where they came from.
15 Jul 2007
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Video for the first single, "Storytime", off NIGHTWISHs highly anticipated album "Imaginaerum". Streetdate "Storytime": Nov. 11 (Nuclear Blast Mailorder: ******* iTunes: ******* Streetdate "Imaginaerum": Dec. 2 (Nuclear Blast Mailorder: *******
9 Nov 2011
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From Feb 25 2007 Show Dave and Chuck Show thatradio**** Sundays 12:00-2:00pm EST daveandchuckshow**** Tell All Your Friends.
5 Mar 2007
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America's Favorite Mom is an unprecedented multimedia event which includes online contests, the chance to appear on NBC's Today Show and the opportunity to be featured in a prime-time NBC special airing on Mother's Day, May 11th at 7 p.m. This one-hour TV special will feature a celebrity host who will declare one very special Mom "America's Favorite Mom", and the winner of cash and prizes galore. For more information, visit www.americasfavoritemom****
28 Mar 2008
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Parent friendly video to help prepare young children for an early dental visit. Preparing a toddler or young child for a dental visit can make the difference between a positive experience and setting a pattern of fear and avoidance that can be lifelong. Phoenix childrens dentist Dr Karen Chu DMD wants to support and help parents achieve more quality time with their children. This video is one of several tips and tricks to help parents reframe a dental visit into something less scary for their kids. The caring Phoenix dentist hopes that by seeing this idea video parents will be sparked with their own creative solutions to participate with their family's oral health and hygiene in fun and enjoyable ways. Dr Chu DDS practices in Phoenix AZ and also has a Facebook Page to provide support, tips and a community for loving and caring parents concerned with their children's teeth and oral health. *******www.facebook****/pages/Phoenix-Kids-Dentist/150030991768908
28 Dec 2011
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By the sidewalk of a busy street, a total recreation of a toy story movie scene where construction site barriers apparently move on their own is witnessed.
24 May 2019
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Nothing else to add to that really
10 Jun 2019
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I didn’t have any footage of myself training these past couple weeks so instead of just me sitting & talking I decided to eat at the same time! It was super fun! Even though I wasn’t talking to anybody it kinda felt like I was on a lunch date haha. Anyways, hope you enjoyed it!
3 Dec 2020
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The King's Kid's Nite-Time Show features stories, games, crafts, and more to help give your king's kid a great nite! This storytime segment is about "Baby Moses"
28 Jun 2011
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Hello, boys and girls! Grandma has a weird story that she would like to read to you. This story is about a little girl and a dog. The End. This is the first in a series created by Foonchy&Zizzio?- a group formed by members of JIBANGUS.
8 Jun 2007
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Hello, boys and girls! Grandma has another weird story that she would like to read to you. This story is about a boy and a blue whale. The End. This is the second in a series created by Foonchy&Zizzio?- a group formed by members of JIBANGUS.
11 Jun 2007
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