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Oh lord, that must hurt. It's normally the guys who do crazy stuff like this, but here we have these women going nuts.
4 Sep 2019
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Mixed martial arts training, straight punches and a kick combination
10 Sep 2019
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Classic Christian Rock Album Released In 1982
30 Aug 2019
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Easy and straight answer. Pet it, if it purrs, it already likes you and is your friend. If only humans were as simple as dogs and cats.
21 Aug 2019
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What type of people is the easiest to fight with? Easy, people who are piss drunk and can't even walk straight.
1 Sep 2019
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It's a well-established fact that it's stupid to be cracking wheelies on a public road, but this driver straight up annihilated this guy on the bike.
18 Aug 2019
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Straight for the bum. Guy fell in a very convenient position where his bum could face the wrath of the tire.
24 Aug 2019
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Skiing can be a pretty fun sport, but this guy messed up a sizable jump and shot straight towards a tree. Ouch.
23 Aug 2019
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Straight from the dealer, the Charger is a head-turning vehicle. Add licensed pinstripes to the paint job, and passersby can’t help but take a second look. The decals offered at Rocky Mountain Graphics are far more than cheesy bumper stickers. Our graphics are specifically designed with your vehicle in mind. Because they are licensed, our pinstripes are made specifically for the Charger. In turn, whether you want graphics for the hood, bedside, tailgate, or grille of your car, ours offer nothing less than a professional look. Not only do our decals provide professional quality, but they also offer limitless customizability. Each of our licensed pinstripes comes in over five dozen different colors, which allows you to truly customize your Charger. If you’re reading this, it’s because you want to custom your car. It’s also likely that you enjoy doing the work yourself. Our licensed pinstripes are easy to install with nothing more than a careful hand and soapy water. That means you have full control over adding a design element to your Charger that will last for years to come.
2 Sep 2019
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The background music is quite fitting in this case. That was a pretty accurate throw. Lands straight on the guy's head.
6 Sep 2019
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Aap Agar English learner hai or Fluently and confidently speaking karna chahate hai tu ye video ap ke bhot kaam ki hai Kyu is video main hum sekhenge Phrases jo ke chote chote sentences ya ek do words hote hai Or in phases ke zarye ap bara bara Questions, jinse answers dene main ap dene main ap ko difficulty peash ati ho to in phases ke zarye aap bare bare questions ke short answers de sake ge thek hai Tu chale start karte hai Leken usse pehle agar ap ne hammara channel subscribe nahi kya tu subscribe karke baraber main mujood bell icon bhi press karde with all notifications ta ke ap future main upload hone wali hammari her video ke notification hasil kar sakhe . Zara sa bhi nahi Not the least! Bharosa rekhe/rakho Rest assured. Koi khas baat nahi Nothing special. Or kuch nahi Nothing else. Koi baat nahi Never mind. / Doesn't matter. Nahi kuch bhi nahi Not at all. Thora sa bhi nahi Not a bit. Is izzat afzia ke liye shukriya Thanks for this honour. Bus rehne do That's enough. Or kuch? Anything else? Achi baat hai Fine/Very good. Bhot ache Very well. Jese aap ki marzi As you like. Bhot hai/bhot zeyada hai That is too much. ha zaroor Yes, by all means! kyu nahi Why not. Kal milenge See you tomorrow. Apna dhyan rakhna Take care yourself. Sahi hai main bhi aisa hi karonga Okay, I will do the same. Main bas aa raha ho Just coming. Bhot din se dekha nahi Long time no see. Taiyar ho jao Get ready./ Be ready. Chup raho Keep quiet. Hoshyar raho Be careful. / Be cautious. Dhere chalo Go slowly. / Walk slowly. Foran jao Go at once. Yaha ruko Stop here. Sedhe jao Go straight. Chale jao / Nikal jao Go away. / Get out.
7 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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