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For someone this is insane for other this is adrenaline! ;) I love it!
26 Jun 2007
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13 Oct 2010
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An explanation for her abnormal and crazy behavior would be she is high. Or she might be having some mental issues.
3 Jan 2019
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It looks like a very strange situation
27 Mar 2006
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Again we find David, our once published author jack-of-all-trades in a strange situation. He encounters a very unusual character who asks him questions about love. Written by David Zebronex, produced and directed by Lucinda McNary, starring Carl Cubbege and music by Deborah Gee. Comedy and science fiction. Music used with the written permission of Deborah Gee. Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Apr 2009
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A young man wakes up to find himself in a strange place, and a strange situation. One of the end of year films made by Year 1 Film Production 2010 - 2011 & Acting 2010 - 2011 students. *******fowpictures***.cc *******wrestlingtruth**** ***********/FOWWEPictures *******myspace****/fowwepics *******www.facebook****/pages/FOW-Pictures/77970645872 *******twitter****/fowpictures/ *******fowpics.blogspot****
14 Jul 2011
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Epic Fortnite Clips But Random - MYSTORY Nr16 Funny And Very Random Clips In Fortnite Hello World, Hello Viewers! A hilarious Fortnite battle royale clips montage was made today. It might be funny but at least it is very random and very Fortnite. Bitly-url-MYSTORY-PLAYLIST Bitly-url-MYSTORY-LABEL #fortnite, #random, #clips #fortnitefun, #battleroyale, #gameplay, #funny #video, #epic _______________ Epic Fortnite Random Clips _______________ New Fortnite Battle Royale Epic Random Stuff 0:00 - FORTNITECLIPS Hello World! In this new Fortnite blog post and in my video I decided to try something new. I made lots of weird and some funny clips and added them together. My main goal of this post is to provide some entertainment value and I hope I was successful. With that being said I hope that you will enjoy this post and my video and I think that I need some feedback. I will make more and I must know what people like about my content. Feel free to let me know your thoughts, I love engagement. 1:00 - BATTLEROYALEMONTAGE The game Fortnite has brought me some laughs so far because it is very chaotic when you know as much about it as I do. I am still very new to this game and I have only played it yet in front of a camera. The game videos are also very fun to make when I do not know hope to play a game. Otherwise I would probably not be able to try so many new games in a row. 5:00 - RANDOMGAMEPLAY I enjoy some funny fail here and there. In my case I had many fails and I also messed around on purpose which turned out to be unnecessary because I am always heading in into strange situations in this game. 10:00 - NEWVIDEO If you read this or watched the video I want you to know that I have tried online modes and the creative mode myself and it was very entertaining. Especially one custom map I have tried was very funny.
23 Jul 2020
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