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*******www.tankerenemy****/search?q=la+prova+del+cumulo Determinare la quota di una scia chimica? Basta osservare il loro passare sotto gli stratocumuli. Vi passano sotto! Motivo per cui la loro quota non supera i 2300 metri, altitudine massima degli stratocumuli. Altro che scie di condensa! Meteorologi, piloti, astrofisici, etc., Vi stanno prendendo per i fondelli!
24 Jun 2008
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*******hurleypix****/secret - What do you see when you look up into the sky? If you're anything at all like me, you'd be mightily impressed when heavy thunderstorms, hypnotic cloud formations and huge storm fronts come rolling in. After all, what better chance to go observe nature... and take yourself some powerful cloud pictures at the same time. (It's also a great way to learn photography skills and practice 'perfecting' your cloud photography). Depending where you live, it's certainly magical to watch. I'm in the tropics, and our storms come in fast and dark and drop 'oceans' on us... Before you know it, we're wading around knee deep in water... But it's often the aftermath of the storm that's the most profound... if you can get out there and do some 'storm chasing' you'd find the potential to capture some amazing cloud photography will bowl you over... Whether you go looking for altostratus, cirrostratus or stratocumulus... or just go to be 'in the moment' of great thunderstorms... Just make sure you're prepared... the right (waterproof) gear comes in handy... you don't want to be blown away! Well... I gotta run... another one of those wild tropical storms is almost upon us... this time I'm going to get myself some cloud pictures of animals that I know live up there! Imagination IS everything! Find out how I do it here... *******hurleypix****/secret
28 Jul 2008
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*******hurleypix****/secret - What 'nature pictures' do you see when you look deep into thunderstorms or gaze in amazement at shelf cloud formations and just let yourself imagine? No words can really express the stunning and magnificent beauty of nature when she greets us with storms... My own passion exists to observe 'cloud figures' ... animals and creatures in the clouds that I 'imagineer' and see, and then capture into digital images. And honestly, I'm not sure if I'm looking at altostratus, cirrostratus or stratocumulus... or that the names really matter! For me, it's about being totally in the moment. I feel compelled to capture cloud photography to the best of my ability... And bring these cloud pictures to the world. To do this involves having some basic photography lessons under your belt, and continuing to shoot often. But one of the best ways to learn photography skills is just by going and doing it... You might have to get wet. You might have to get a little dirty... But the resulting nature pictures you get will IMPRESS us all! And so that you're prepared for those terrific cloud formations when they arrive... This page will help... *******hurleypix****/secret Imagination IS everything!
4 Feb 2009
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