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15 Apr 2021
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This documentary is an essay film about the historic visit of a Papua New Guinean delegation to Russia in October-November 2018 and their acquaintance with the homeland of the outstanding Russian humanist and scientist Nikolay Miklouho-Maclay, who launched several scientific expeditions to the New Guinea Island at the end of the 19th century. This fascinating journey to Saint-Petersburg and Moscow in the company of the descendant and namesake of the great traveler, Nickolay Miklouho-Maclay Jr., is bound to strike a very real chord with all viewers. You will see the emotions of our guests who were deeply impressed by the majestic historical sights of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. You will find out what Russian cuisine and traditional Papua New Guinean cuisine have in common. Together with our guests, you will take a stroll along the streets of the two capitals, visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Hermitage, the Red Square, and the Moscow State University, where the PNG team had an opportunity to meet and socialize with Russian students. You will see with how much emotion and cordiality ordinary Russians welcomed our guests in the streets – a whole new world for our friends, unraveling in an entirely different dimension and upending all their previously held perceptions of it. This film is available on YouTube. Miklouho-Maclay Foundation.
13 Apr 2021
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There are Russian names of geographical objects discovered by outstanding Russian navigators in every place of the planet. In particular, they are in Oceania, with the island nation of which Russia has strong historical and scientific relationship for more than two hundred years. The history of exploring this region by Russian navigators is striking in its grandeur and scale. In Oceania alone, more than 70 geographical objects were discovered and given Russian names. The work on identifying Russian geographical names on the map of Oceania done by the team of the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation managed by N.N. Miklouho-Maclay Jr. is another step towards restoring continuity in the study of Oceania by Russian scientists and preserving priceless monuments of the world's historical and geographical heritage, which is important for the people of the world. As a result of research made by N.N. Miklouho-Maclay Jr. on the New Guinea Island, as well as archive works in Australia during the research expeditions in 2017 and 2019, and archive works in Russia made by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation's team, a table of names of geographical objects discovered by Russian researchers and navigators in Oceania with accurate data about their location was created. The table consists of 71 geographical objects discovered by the Russians since the time of the first circumnavigation by I.F. Krusenstern and Y.F. Lisianski till the expeditions made by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation in 2017 and 2019 with the participation of scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The table is based on carefully verified information. This video is available on YouTube. Miklouho-Maclay Foundation.
13 Apr 2021
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"Naloxone and Naltrexone look and sound the same, but are used differently and also used for different reasons. Not only do the names look alike, but also, the chemical structures are strikingly similar. If you or a loved one is looking for help with drug abuse, call our 24/7 helpline. A caring health care specialist is awaiting your call. Call our 24/7 Helpline"
15 Apr 2021
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appears the relationship between burnout indications and machine created in wicker container message degree having a administration work recognitions of having oversee over ones work motivation having a calm to active but sensible essential work put feeling esteemed and being female. Strikingly forty five rate of docs with burnout signs and side effects procured bigger than normal numbers of week by week gadget created in wicker container messages though 29 percent of therapeutic professional with burnout signs gotten as it were common or much less than normal numbers of the messages. The relapse comes about advocate that components related with more noteworthy chances of burnout comprise of an over common amount of gadget created in wicker container messages and being woman . Variables related with lower chances of burnout comprise of feeling that specialists are exceptionally esteemed having appropriate control over ones work plan and having a calm or active but reasonable work environment. Chronicwatch is an excellent and easy to use remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and chronic care management (CCM) for chronic disease software, combining education, vital monitoring and best in class video consultation capabilities to enhance remote patient care
16 Apr 2021
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Enthralling Acrobats Spellbinding Performance on lyra is a treat for Acrobatics lovers and the common people. An Enthralling acrobat with Babelicious looks gives a Spellbinding performance by doing complex gymnastic feats and sophisticated stunts with ease and elegance. Acrobats balance and agility high up in the air on lyra or aerial hoop, is jaw dropping and with utmost confidence the acrobat owns all the stunts from start till finish Acrobat starts gracefully and then spins on her way up in the lyra or aerial hoop and swings for a while. She then tumbles intentionally from one position to another with utmost control followed by complex feats and keeps her hands and legs crossing left to right while doing the feats and stunts with sheer coordination and utmost balance. Acrobat does lot of feats back to back upside down and hangs up in the air and after performing various gymnastic feats and stunts for more than three minutes up in the air, she then moves onto the stage below striking various poses with the lyra back and forth. No wonder, if she is called an 'Acrobatic Queen' on ground and up in the air in short, the Acrobat keeps everyone's eye on her till the last minute with her spellbinding performance and this is definitely a special treat for the audience.
17 Apr 2021
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I am sure this guy didn't expect that strike. A lucky strike!
30 May 2006
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Strike breakers decide to go on strike!
20 Jul 2006
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A short but cool counter strike movie.
5 Sep 2006
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Nice Counter strike movie with Green day.
11 Oct 2006
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KFC Counter-Strike
7 Feb 2007
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My little brother playing Counter Strike! He plays the game like a professional.
9 Oct 2006
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