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This guy got punched HARD by his girlfriend when they were engaged in a friendly boxing match. That was a strong punch.
25 Oct 2019
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That was pretty fast...
27 Feb 2007
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*******overthetop.yourprospexblog**** I have been known to comment in times past that I have a number of criteria that I use to evaluate a network marketing opportunity/company. Consequently I have been asked a number of times just what they are? They havent always been exactly the samebut as I have learned new things over time I believe I now have this list of criteria developed to a point where I am quite confident in their effectiveness and that this list now packs quite a strong punch of wisdom. Understand that, with this list I am talking with reference to long term network marketing success and long term residual income. *******overthetop.yourprospexblog****
6 Feb 2010
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