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25 Sep 2007
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The Tower of Clips is made from remnant steel from the tabletop industry. Yeah, we were unaware that such steel existed, too. But, we're glad that we know now! This clever design allows you to store notes, gift cards, pens, pencils, coupons, and even your keys in a fun, movable display. Each flat, non-toothed clip can rotate 360 degrees and features a super-strong spring that won't lose its grip.
14 Nov 2008
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Jared Chamberlain video blogs about the market in Calgary over the past month and what the prices in Calgary are doing. As the value of real estate climbed over the last month and the supply staying low and the interest rates increasing, we are going to see a strong spring market. If you would like to leave a comment or don't care for what Jared is talking about, you can email him at or go to ******* for more videos
5 Apr 2010
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Overfill Prevention & Grounding Systems: kunlunequipment**** Email Address: static grounding bonding clamps grounding clamp for static discharge tuffite ground clamps grounding clamps and cable static discharge grounding reel static electricity grounding static electricity grounding mat static electricity grounding techniques static electricity grounding straps bonding and grounding cables To discharge the static accumulation of hazardous products during transportation, we provide different kinds of static grounding clamps with cables for petrochemical, paint and coating industries. The contact tips on the clamp head are made out of special alloy. The mighty spring and the clamp body can form the lever, with its mighty pressure, the sharp and hardened contact tips can penetrate the paint and rust. Die-cast aluminum construction with two stainless steel points. Strong spring pressure allows the clamp to penetrate multiple layers of paint or corrosion build-up, so that the proper contact is made. Suitable for grounding and bonding a wide range of containers, drums and machinery. Static Grounding Clamps :*******www.kunlunequipment****/product_fenlei.php?fenlei_id=61 Grounding Clamp For Static Discharge :************/watch?v=CSt2CkDVSQw Overfill Protection Device & Grounding Systems :************/watch?v=nuEcFvBJ3PQ
6 Sep 2016
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