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That's one lone opossum vs two grown men. Watch this before you decide to mess with opossums.
26 Sep 2019
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This guy tried to swing into the pool but luck wasn't on his side that day and he crashed into a tree. Ouch.
10 Oct 2019
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Nope... it isn't instant coffee! I'm using FRESHLY GROUND coffee beans to make two amazing cups of coffee. IMPORTANT NOTE: For each method, you will need to use coffee grounds that are NOT in powdered form (i.e the kind you use in a standard coffee maker). The grounds need to be coarse (think: cake crumbs, or crumbs left on a plate from a sandwich). I grind mine fresh every morning, but you can use the grinder at the grocery store if you don't own one. FYI: You can get a decent grinder for less than $20. I highly recommend it, as fresh ground coffee beans make for even BETTER coffee, especially at the crack of dawn (when you're tired, unorganized, packing school lunches, making breakfast.... you get it, right?) I'm digressing again. NOTE: Use one heaping tablespoon of coffee beans per cup and grind coffee beans to a coarse grind. Method 1: French press Place desired amount of coffee in french press (see note above). Cover with very hot water, using about 1 cup of water per cup of coffee. Let stand about 5 minutes; longer for stronger coffee, less for weaker coffee. Pour and enjoy! Method 2: Place desired amount of coffee in a strainer (see note above) and place over a liquid measuring cup or large coffee mug. Gently and slowly pour very hot water over coffee. Using a second measuring cup or strainer, repeat process anywhere from 2-5 times until coffee reaches desired strength.
21 Sep 2019
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There is no stronger instinct in nature than a mother's instinct to save its offspring, even if it is a small animal like a rat.
27 Sep 2019
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Bonboost Tablets for stronger bones, Calcium and Vitamin D and Immune Boosting Tea for building immunity and preventing infections. Both these products contain the super food moringa.
5 Oct 2019
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1. For getting a perfect and well-toned body with stronger bones, you don’t always need to hit the gym or lift heavy weights. You must be wondering, if not Gym then what…? Yoga is the right answer to this question. 2. Yoga not only relaxes your mind and body but also helps you get stronger muscles and bones. 3. Proper and regular Yoga practice helps in burning calories, building lean muscles and reducing excess body fat.
11 Oct 2019
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To connect more Filipino homes to high-speed and affordable Internet, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi gets a price cut from P1,999 to just P1,499 this month! Customers can now get their hands on the device that is 2x faster, with 2x stronger signal and 2x wider coverage than your usual pocket WiFi for the whole family to enjoy watching and streaming their favorite videos, movies, and TV shows.
14 Oct 2019
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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
1 Jun 2007
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Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
4 Feb 2008
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learn how to play stronger on piano
7 Dec 2007
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Daft Punk Concert Alive 2007 - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
19 Dec 2007
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Hand Performance to the Music Song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" from Daft Punk
5 Feb 2008
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