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This girl has got some serious favor from the Goddess of luck. She was trying her luck with a Claw machine and now she is taking all of those stuffed toys home.
18 Dec 2017
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I don’t know what wrong has this cute stuff toy has done to the cat but I think it was severe which made the cat angry on a high level.
27 Jul 2018
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No one expected that there is a cat sleeping among the lifeless toys it was a very big surprise for the players.
14 Nov 2018
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I sprinkled some catnip on this stuffed animal and let the cat go crazy.
13 May 2009
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Lucy and Olive playing with leaves
16 Apr 2010
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Giant Sky Forme Shaymin review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of a Giant Sky Forme Shaymin plush toy from Pokemon Platinum. Movie star? Check. Eco-Warrior? With a better haircut. Shaymin is all these things and more, including a flying-type when it wants to be. This one, however, is a bit absurd. Standing over three and a half feet tall, this midway-prize plush is perfect for seeking bloody vengeance upon those who oppose you. Also featuring handy tips for changing your Shaymin's Forme in Pokemon Black and White versions! Because I'm just that handy. This video review features video gameplay footage of Pokemon White Version for Nintendo DS and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ, as well as a savage beating of Classic Game Room's Derek.
3 Oct 2012
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******* Find the purr-fect toys for your feline friend. Many cat toys to choose from. Unique cat toys to old favorites. Including cat dancer, cat stuffed toys, cat tree, catnip stuffed toys, panic mouse and more!
25 Jun 2009
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QF International Limited, a "Quality First" Plush Toy, Plush Products, Stuffed Toys and Gifts Manufacturer and Supplier in China; ranks highest of quality and safety as the first priority, therefore all products can meet the CE and EN71 standards and worldwide safety regulations. A wide variety of plush products and stuffed toys are available online on our QF website, welcome for the worldwide customers. All Custom OEM designs can be made. You are welcome to visit our website with a large product line of Plush: *******www.qfinternational****.hk And for any customer products inquiry please email QF email address: Qfinterlnetvigator****
7 Dec 2011
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game collectible review of the Zubat: Pokemon #41 Special KFC Edition stuffed toy. The elusive flying Pokemon graces the Undertow underwater base with his presence, bringing you an insightful interview regarding his past exploits and aspirations. ZUBAT! This review features an exclusive interview with Zubat and includes commentary from CGRundertow reviewer Kevin.
8 Nov 2012
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Parents have a sneak peak into the bedtime stories shared by the 14-year-old to his little 2-year-old brother using a bunch of stuffed toys.
5 Jun 2017
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The first look will detect nothing wrong with the video but there is a kitty taking a nap quietly on the soft stuffed toys.
23 Jan 2018
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That cat sure hung a licking on that toy with a chunk of fur missing too.
15 Jun 2007
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