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A stunning collection of different b-boys and b-girls throwdowns I have filmed at the past few Fresh Jive events in Leeds.
20 Jan 2007
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Swimming Pool Side Drop Stun into Pasir Ris Costasand Swimming pool complex when Nobody is Swimming.
10 Apr 2007
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We will see what happens when some punk is sprayed with Wildfire Pepper Spray and the Runt 650,000 stun gun.
28 Sep 2007
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Airsoft Stun Grenade, More impressive inside a room, although I wouldn't like to be in it!
22 Oct 2007
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How to make a disposable camera into a stun gun - shocker
13 Jan 2008
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Camera Stun Gun Shock trick, for entertainment purpose only... plz play safe and by watching this video you agree that i am not responsible for any damage caused.
31 Jan 2008
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7 Feb 2008
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Watch Chewbacca Gets Stunned
7 Dec 2008
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I was reading Maxim Magazine and saw an article about how to make a stun gun out of a disposible camera, so being the idiot i am i went home and tried it... on myself
16 Nov 2008
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Stunned & frozen cat; can someone dethaw him please? :) Cat Obedience Training Secrets to STOP Your Cat’s Behavior Problems! : *******omgcats.cattrain.hop.clickbank****/
12 Jul 2008
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My buddy shocking himself with a stun gun
21 Jul 2008
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My buddy shocking his ankle with a stun gun. Good stuff
7 Oct 2008
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Alright, this guy is nuts excuse the pun. He takes a stun gun and shocks what I got to think are the two most sensitive parts of the body.
3 Aug 2008
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