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This model Sublimation Heat Press is best for garment Pre-cut panel fabric Transfer printing, Cut all fabric first and use this machine for sublimation Heat transfer printing, after transfer printing go to sewing the garment, simple and easy operate, NO Traning Need for operate, Drum 50 cm diameter Oil Heater Drum to save the operate cost, Drum 180cm width Oil Drum basic for Transfer Transfer speed 360 meter per hour, Function Roll to roll, Roll images paper to cut sheet fabric and sheet to sheet Transfer, More professional More power and More function, This machine with CE Certificate for delivery
30 Oct 2010
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Gogopress Sublimation Heat Press DP series Printing Both side at same time for panel, This machine create on last year for printing lanyard on both side at same for for small production, we testing this panel printing for garment industrial that is New ideal for garment printing, sublimation Heat Press can print impossible to POSSIBLE, Our DP or GP series is top choice in sublimation industrial,
20 Feb 2011
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This video is to show you our GOGOPRESS Rotary Heat Press for Lanyard Printing at both side is possible and easy operate at same time, NO MOQ and setup cost, our New working table is simple and easy for ribbon setting and replace, That working table can printing multi size ribbon togather on same time. that basic must roll up your ribbon on our rolling Plate, that will be simple, Sublimation Rotary Heat Press, Sublimation Heat Press, Rotary Heat Press, Dual Heat Press, Dual Lanyard Heat Press, Lanyard Heat Press, sublimation lanyard ,
23 Apr 2011
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this is digital sublimation printing for small order lanyard business, after use our GOGOPRESS lanyard machine to transfer
10 Mar 2010
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GOGOPRESS provide high quality and simple operate Mug hea press for print shop...
17 Dec 2009
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Gogopress Rotary Heat Press machine is easy and simple for Textile industrial for sublimation printing at small quantity production, No setup cost, NO MOQ request, and used our Oil Heater Drum for quality printing. This Machine with CE Certificate on June 2008 for delivery Drum 420mm or 500mm series Drum width 1400mm / Type 1200-420 Drum width 1800mm / Type 1600-420 Drum width 2100mm / Type 1900-420 Oil Heater equipoise system for machine best long time working, Imprinted speed :3-8 mtere/ minute
16 Dec 2009
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Gogopress Sublimation lanyard printing machine woth Air Tube for professional machine in Sublimation industrial, we provide custom made design for Oil Drum rotary heat press, and we provide garment roller heat press for Textile and garment industrial with CE Certificate for delivery.
16 Dec 2009
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This machine is provide Lanyard printing machine for lanyard printing on both side at same time, that machine can help you to save time and bottom paper, No training need, easy operate and simple working..Heat press
20 Dec 2009
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Gogopress provide power function Rotary Heat Press for garment panel printing and Roll fabric printing on same machine, we also provide custom design made service with CE approval machine, our Gogopress Rotary Heat Press is simple and easy operate for printing and NO Traning Need, cut all garment shape panel first and after transfer printing then go to sewing garment, easy simple and high quality production....
17 Dec 2009
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Gogopress provide sublimation rotary heat press for smartcard lanyard printing machine at NO MOQ and setup cost, GOGOPRESS Lanyard printing machine is easy operate and lower cost for lanyard printing, this machine got the CE certificate for export,
23 Apr 2010
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this sublimation industrial printing machine already install on Venezuela for Textile manufactory and working from February until Now is good working without Complain, this machine transfer speed from 30to 50 meters per minute at 2400mm width fabric, The Drum Diameter is 1000 mm and width is 2700mm is good quality for polyseter, oil drum with open system,
27 Dec 2009
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Temperature range: 0-300. C Imprint speed: 20-28 meter / minute Cylinder Diameter: 1000mmCylinder Thick: 20mm Cylinder Width: 3200mm Imprint width: 2800mm Main technical parametersOil heater conduction Voltage power: 380V 4kw 90kw www.gogocyber**** msn: gogopresshotail****
18 Dec 2009
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