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Step-by-step video-tutorial to add subtitles to your downloaded movies! Easy and fast! Best of all - FREE!
21 Dec 2006
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Learn How To Add A Subtitle To Your Movie !! Foreign Movie we used via Presntaion this websites : ******* *******subscene****/
13 Feb 2007
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here some instruction to set up any movies subtitles in various language...... there are so many software to set up subtitles but this one is the easiest one and don't take more than 1 minute to complete setup
25 Feb 2007
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lots of subtitles for all the movies new & old .enjoy it.....
27 Feb 2007
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Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES
29 Apr 2007
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This is a guide, that shows you step by step, how to add subtitles to a downloaded movie. This is the fixed version of the first, because i forgot some few steps. Enjoy!
12 Aug 2007
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This is the part all in Japanese which Bill Murray struggles to understand. To fully enjoy, see the non-subtitled version first.
14 Aug 2007
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I have given you about 50!!! SITES with subtitles So i hope you are going to enjoy it have fun and find subtitles Thank You
27 Nov 2007
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This is part 3 of about a 40-part series. Chinese, pinyin, and English subtitles embedded on a fantastic Chinese movie. Take a look! Go to *******mohchinamochina****/blog for lesson plans, audio and video downloads.
22 Mar 2008
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www.alanawez****www.speedsoles****www.thousandislandhosting****Naruto Shippuden Episode 55 with english subtitles
4 Jul 2009
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Ain't talkin' - Bob Dylan Tribute Clip with Spanish Subtitles
7 May 2008
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Get Backers Opening (English Subtitles)
26 May 2008
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(SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH) The plot revolves around young lovers Lyka Raymundo and Noah Ortega. Lyka is a young woman aspiring to be a fashion designer and is currently working as a fashion assistant in the House of Elle. Her decision to pursue the arts is frowned upon by her Tita Clara Rivero because it according to her, it is not a practical choice. Lyka and Noah are childhood friends but they were separated from each other. Years later, their paths shall cross when Noah became a second lieutenant of the Philippine Army. During a crucial mission, he saved Don Manolo Sebastian and became involved in the battle between the Luna and the Waya. Now Lyka is working under the House of Elle, as Lady Elle's assistant. She has been accepted into the job as Lady Elle thinks Lyka is their last hope: "Ang Huling Bantay". Lyka meets Noah, Lady Elle's bodyguard and driver. Little did she know that he is actually her childhood friend, "JayJay" whom she thought was long dead. The blossoming romance between the two is hindered by the presence of Gabrielle Dizon and Anton Rivero. Gabrielle is a deep-penetration agent who attempts to distract Noah while Anton is in love with Lyka and will do anything to prove his love. [1] There are two opposing groups in the story-the Luna and the Waya. The members of the Luna organization have a grudge against the werewolves while the Waya are the protectors of the lobo. The Waya are protectors of the werewolves and they want the lobo to co-exist harmoniously with human beings.
25 Jun 2010
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SubPLY allows anyone with web video (publishers, broadcasters, bloggers) to easily add professional subtitles, closed-captions and voiceovers in any language. SubPLY is a fast turnaround service that is both affordable and cost-effective
3 Jul 2008
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7 Jul 2008
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