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This is my favourite opener. It's been field tested and WORKS!!!
8 Jan 2007
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This is part 2 of the sambucus nigra syrup making vids, apart from that this is also a stand alone vid of barechested(lol) me throwing a knife on a dead(!) tree, while havin a beer. The throws i am practicing are not just knife throws, but i am trying out spinless knife throwing. It is a kind of special martial technique, where you try not to spin the knife. This way you can be more precise, get better and more accurate (sticking !!) hits. As you can see, it aint that difficult at all. Spinless throwing usually requires more 'body movement' put to it. I compared it to the effect of a karate kick (waki-...whatever) where u need to put ur hip behind it in the movement to generate extra momentum, and thus kick u'r opponent waay harder than without using the extra momentum of ur hip. Since i expect alot of shit about responsibility issues mainly regarding the beer+knife thing let me clarify some things: -I have a first aid kit with me, sufficient to treat knife injuries. -I am less than 1 km from civilisation. -I know this place like the back of my hand. -I have a cell with me. -I have a PSK(Personal Survival Kit) with me. -The tree is DEAD. -I am belgian, i grew up on beer. -Yes, i will lose weight, the beer helps with that :D -whatever -lol
15 Aug 2007
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Discouraged? Here’s comfort, hope and daily encouragement for weight loss success. Use your favorite eating plan, or our free diet plan. MyWeightLossFriend is a REAL person: Carolyn Allen. She has struggled with compulsive eating her entire life. Since 1999 when she reached an appropriate weight after a life-time of yo-yo dieting, she has been sharing her simple, yet fun and effective, tips and techniques with literally thousands of friends through community weight loss and evening classes for various organizations (including Fairfax County Public Schools) in the Washington, D.C. area and online through her web site. Carolyn is a freelance writer and devoted follower of Jesus Christ. You can also read her weekly column (published each Monday) with Christian perspectives on healthy living on a major Christian website. Take advantage of this great offer “60 Seconds To Weight Loss Success” 3-Part Daily Inspiration System and Bonus Products Buy it now and you will receive : 1. The Book: 196 page weight loss book is jam-packed with 101 uplifting and powerful one-minute messages, including quotes, empowerment statements, tips and success stories galore. It’s the warmth and compassion of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” coupled with the charming practicality of “Hints from Heloise” with a touch of Erma Bombeck thrown in for fun and flavor. The second half of the book is actually a journal where you can record your goals and reflections on the messages. 2. The CD: Over 1 1/4 hours of soothing music with empowerments, stories, meditations and more. Friends who are using this marvel at how it can boost your mood and motivation. Use at home, in the car, while working at the computer, etc. Very motivational. 3. The Cards: 101 business-sized cards with the quotes and empowerments so you can literally “carry the thoughts” with you each day .... And Bonus Products! 4. A FREE 3-Month membership to MyWeightLossTeam****, and a permanent 30% discount after that! Create your own profile page for easy food journaling and calorie counting. Join with others in a “Biggest Loser” contest and have fun while you lose weight, make friends and find the support you need to succeed. 5. Say Bye-Bye to the Blues: The FREE 10 minute reports will be extended to a full year of one-minute messages that arrive 4-5 times each week. With seasonal thoughts, recipes, success stories, tips, links and constant cheer, you’re on your way each day! 6. Inspiration 101: Complete access to the site that started it all: Stories, tips, recipes, prayers and more for you to read, copy, print out and share with your weight loss buddies. 7. 7. FREE Report: How to Visualize, Affirm and Take Control of Your Life: Download this exciting book. Provides real tools for behavior modification.
17 Dec 2007
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Can't get value on the bubble with my stack......
24 Dec 2007
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This is an interview we shot of Wes Hampton, the Gaither Vocal Band's tenor. Wes talks about voice lessons with Brett Manning and some of the crazy exercises Brett teaches that allow him to "float on a high C" effortlessly. There's plenty of singing and demonstrations of the exercises within so enjoy!
4 Jan 2008
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*******www.secrets-gestion-temps**** - Recevrez gratuitement "Mes 59 Secrets ou Techniques Personnelles d'Organisation du Temps", expert en organisation du temps. Logiquement il devrait y a voir dedans une ou plusieurs idées qui vous feront gagner du temps.
19 Apr 2008
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Téléchargez gratuitement "Comment Atteindre vos objectifs personnels" : *******url-ok****/372558 Cette vidéo est extraite du programme des "Parchemins Universels du Succès" ******* Cours gratuits de développement personnel *******wwww.developpement-personnel-club****
30 May 2008
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Téléchargez gratuitement "Comment Atteindre vos objectifs personnels" : *******url-ok****/372558 Cette vidéo est extraite du programme des "Parchemins Universels du Succès" ******* Cours gratuits de développement personnel *******wwww.developpement-personnel-club**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 May 2008
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17 Jun 2008
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When Goal Setting, It's important to understand these 12 keys to discipline any disappointment you may encounter on your journey. These 12 keys to goal setting will enable you to get on the high road of goal achievement fast!!
17 Jun 2008
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VISIT *******join.zenzuu****/beawealthy <--Free business that will change your life!! a renowned professional speaker, author and television personality, Les Brown has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message Les Brown has learned from his own life and one he is helping others apply to their lives. Born a twin in low-income Liberty City in Miami, Florida, Les and his twin brother, Wes, were adopted when they were six weeks old by Mrs. Mamie Brown. Mrs. Brown was a single woman who had very little education or financial means, but a very big heart. As a child Les' inattention to school work, his restless energy, and the failure of his teachers to recognize his true potential resulted in him being mislabeled as a slow learner. The label and the stigma stayed with him, damaging self-esteem to such an extent that it took several years to overcome. Les has had no formal education beyond high school, but with persistence and determination he has initiated and continued a process of unending self-education which has distinguished him as an authority on harnessing human potential. Les Brown's passion to learn and his hunger to realize greatness in himself and others helped him to achieve greatness. He rose from a hip-talkin morning DJ to broadcast manager; from community activist to community leader; from political commentator to three-term legislator; and from a banquet and nightclub emcee to premier keynote speaker.
18 Aug 2009
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Comment atteindre ses buts et réaliser ses objectifs. Cours gratuits de développement personnel *******wwww.developpement-personnel-club**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 May 2010
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