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I wanted to be a vampire, to suck until the last drop! [Quotes and Poems] On my channel, you will like of my quotes and poetry! Everything I write and talked, is from my own authorship! In addition to the quotes, I have humor stuff like the funny news! Also messages with the talking kittens where I make the voices without editing! And I still draw the covers of my videos, also the designs! Original content, you find on Metacafe! Because is all written and spoken by me! ^_^ Support the channel on Patreon! Search on Google "Frases e Poemas - Quotes and Poems" And you will find the Patreon, channel products and social networks! And all of my videos are in HD 1080p, they have a great image resolution and sound, even being short! With movie quality to you watch on Metacafe! I write many quotes, poetries, messages, also the funny news, funny farts and many more humor and comedy stuff! And I still do the voices of the talking kittens without editing! As I said before, everything I wrote and said on my channel is from my own authorship! Be in Portuguese or English! If you like literature, texts, citations and love reading, you will like my quotes, they are original and exclusive, because they were all written by me! Have all kinds you can imagine, not to mention the poetry ones, they look like music lyrics, they are special and full of emotion! Use the #FePQaP and show that you are part of the channel Frases e Poemas - Quotes and Poems And with this hashtag, you can also find my videos and even the channel products in the search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others, do a search! :) Thanks for watching! :) Frases e Poemas - Quotes and Poems Escrito por - Written By: Pericles A. (Myself) Copyright © All rights reserved.
16 Aug 2019
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These guys totally suck at the sport of snowboarding, Goes to show that not every sport is meant for everyone.
22 Jul 2019
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To further explain why I spent so long speculating about Tatiana Schmalyuk from Jinjer: I don't care if someone like Brie Larson or Taylor Swift is trans (spoiler alert: they are LOL), but it's people I like that I wouldn't want to be, and I'm pessimistic and suspicious. It would suck if the "good ones" were also in on it, which is exactly why I'm speculating on those examples. I wonder about women like Aubrey Plaza (and others when I think of them) who are considered popular or non-SJW. It would be just our luck if they were also part of all this. I'm just providing my layman's understanding off the cuff and speculating. This subject is both hilarious and terrifying at the same time. My vid is just an intro to let you know about this content. Feel free to check out their vids for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Links are "forbidden" in description, WTF, I'll get creative with these links the best I can. Do some copy+paste magic for these: Replace - with . for both of these and add the https-www stuff at start if necessary Transpocolypse Now (channel) youtube-com/channel/UCn0KdArswyw4IHKBB609cng Transpocolypse Alert (playlist) youtube-com/watch?v=9L0NYXxZemY&list=PLbhybmMy2goPUg-Qqhvl0apN41e3F8M4o I know I know, I'm making this on Metacafe [Bitchute] and they're on YouTube. They need to put this on Bitchute themselves, because they have been cracked down on in the past. I'm shocked their content is still up.
24 Jul 2019
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Here's a lion cup being a total baby as it sucks on a finger while sleeping like a human baby. Won't be this cute anymore once it grows up though.
29 Jul 2019
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A funny video of a guy sucking his noodles only to find a surprise... This guy can really make funny faces.
11 Jan 2007
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Thailand comunication sucks big time
21 Jan 2007
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My friend doing the suck it move. Made famous by the Heart break kid Shawn Michaels of degeneration X.
1 Feb 2007
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Daniel sucks worse at DDR than I do at Para Para (Akon 06)
29 Mar 2007
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Dogers Suck, Giants Rule!
25 Apr 2007
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Funny how this always works in the movies, maybe it was the long haired mans sucking power that was to blame or how far he stuck his hose pipe down the petrol hole!
22 May 2007
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Discover why Macs suck.
23 May 2007
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watch suck mi news are voices are funny
1 Jun 2007
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