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Words of Wisdom - Episode 351, How Suffering Can Lead Us To Happiness ~ Part 1, Mar. 16, 1993 ~ Australia, Air date: August 31, 2007 (WOW - 20070831)
3 Oct 2008
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Words of Wisdom - Episode 352, How Suffering Can Lead Us To Happiness ~ Part 2, Mar. 16, 1993 ~ Australia, Air date: September 1, 2007 (WOW - 20070901)
3 Oct 2008
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Words of Wisdom - Episode 352, How Suffering Can Lead Us To Happiness ~ Part 2, Mar. 16, 1993 ~ Australia, Air date: September 1, 2007 (WOW - 20070901)
9 Feb 2009
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Christian, a reader of this blog made a very interesting question: is suffering important for you to get some sort of enlightenment? In my opinion it isn't necessary. As a Catholic, the example of Jesus is quite telling: he traveled all his life, having dinners, meeting people and yet we remember him going though "passion" , nailed to the cross in the last days of his life. I would like then to hear your opinion on suffering and this attitude towards the spiritual path.
9 Feb 2009
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Visit ******* and grab the 5 Part Free E-Course on Bipolar Disorder Treatment. There are many people who are suffering with Bipolar Disorder. Even some of the famous personalities suffer from this disorder. Don't worry, Bipolar Disorder can be controlled.
2 Mar 2009
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Why do we suffer from anxiety. My thoughts on why, if we must suffer, our suffering need not have been in vain!
22 Mar 2009
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4/7 Suffer The Children (Mark 10:14) Let us be mindful of the young people that are in our midst and let us allow them to come forward in service of the Lord. The encouraging word and video devotional with Minister Jeff Fannell. For others visit www.ongoodground**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Apr 2009
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What kind of sufferings did Our Lady experience in this life, and how can she console us in the sufferings we are experiencing today?  Listen as Dr. Miravalle continues to look at the issue of suffering and our response as fellow co-redeemers traveling through this valley of tears with the Coredemptrix, our Mother and Advocate. To ask questions regarding Mary, email Dr Mark Miravalle: marycastairmaria**** Ave Maria!
4 May 2009
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*******www.imtiredonline**** Want to help suffering and abused animals, and stop animal cruelty? Support I'm Tired Of... and make an impact on the lives of abused and suffering animals.
11 Aug 2009
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14 Aug 2009
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11 Nov 2009
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A tribute to all Iranian women suffered from rape & torture by the regime in prisons
3 Jan 2010
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Orange County, California- Jackson & Wilson, Inc., Senior Partner, Mitch Jackson, shares his thoughts on "Pain and Suffering" damages in personal injury cases. What are you entitled to and what's the best way to maximize your damages. Mitch and his partner, Lisa Wilson, have helped thousands of injury victims over the course of the past two decades. Chances are, they can help you to. To learn more about Mitch, Lisa, and their firm, please watch the video and go to www.JacksonWilson**** and www.TrialLawyerTips**** Also please call 1-800-661-7044
5 Dec 2009
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Catholic priest gives an overview of St. Paul's understanding of suffering and how it contributes to the salvation of the individual and humanity. Nothing can happen to us that we will not be able to endure if we are united with God.
11 Mar 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – How Suffering Can Lead Us to Happiness - P1/3 March 1,1993 Sydney, Australia. Episode: 1314, Air Date: 20 April 2010
31 May 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – How Suffering Can Lead Us to Happiness - P2/3 March 16, 1993 Sydney, Australia. Episode: 1315, Air Date: 21 April 2010
31 May 2010
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