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A mix of powdered sulphur (sulfur)and magnesium with a ration of about 1:3 hope you like it!
21 Dec 2008
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Sulfur plays a critical role in making wine that is stable and can stand the test of time in bottle. It is added in small amounts to almost every wine to inhibit harmful bacteria that would spoil it in the winemaking process, or in the bottle.
22 Aug 2008
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It makes no sense... it's title may confuse squirrels... it's -- The Sulfuric Escape! I cannot really describe this video... it speaks for itself, I suppose. Episode 2 coming very soon!
11 Dec 2008
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Sulfuric acid is added to sugar. The acid dehydrates the sugar and results in a large tower of carbon. Water is also released in the form of steam. C12H22O11 --> 12C + 11H2O *******www.thirstforscience**** Music: Kevin MacLeod
1 Feb 2009
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We make concentrated sulfuric acid from sodium metabisulfite, hydrochloric acid and an oxidant such as hydrogen peroxide or nitric acid. Warning: The procedures in this video produce large quantities of toxic gases and deal with highly corrosive acids. All work must be performed in a fume hood with proper safety equipment. And all apparatus must be glass to withstand the acids. Sodium metabisulfite upon reaction with acid will generate sulfur dioxide. This provides a convenient source of sulfur dioxide that is easier to handle than burning sulfur, but it is acceptable if you want to go that route. You'll just need to build a sophisticated gas capture and scrubbing system so the sulfur vapors and soot don't clog your tubes, poison your air and possibly burn down your workspace. Sulfur dioxide is converted into sulfuric acid by reacting it with an oxidizer in water. In this case either hydrogen peroxide or nitric acid. Industrially, sulfur dioxide is reacted with oxygen over a catalyst to make sulfur trioxide. This is cheaper but extremely difficult to do safely for the home chemist so the metabisulfite/oxidizer method is used instead. You may use potassium metabisulfite instead of sodium metabisulfite. Both are used by home brewers to sterilize winemaking and beermaking mixtures. It's also used for homemade dyeing processes. Therefore it is very easy to obtain the metabisulfites without the need for expensive shipping fees or licenses. The oxidizers must be present for this reaction to work. You cannot simply use water or you'll just make sulfurous acid which decomposes on heating and is useless for the reactions that sulfuric acid is intended for. In future videos, we may show other methods of sulfuric acid production including sulfur trioxide based methods so please subscribe! -EDIT- You CANNOT use a sulfate in place of a sulfite, they are chemically different and cannot be substituted. our website at: *******www.nurdrage****
28 May 2010
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10 Nov 2016
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Sugar (a carbohydrate) is dehrydrated with concentrated sulfuric acid. Since a carbohydrate was once considered just hydrated carbon, if you remove the water, carbon would be left over. The acid rips the water out of the sugar and the heat generated by this reaction causes the water to turn to steam. A black mass of carbon is produced.
29 Jan 2007
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A mix of powdered magnesium and sulfur. ratio 3:1 see other vid as well.
5 Jul 2008
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5 Jun 2009
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Its the offical sulfur music video by slipknot
11 Nov 2009
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18 Jun 2009
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5 Jun 2011
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3 Aug 2011
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