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In a day an age where hip hop artists are defined by their zip codes or how much material clout they have there are some artists that still remain faithful to the game. Rich and Fameus are part of that elite group, mainly because they have managed to create a lifestyle and mentality that transcends through their music. These Miami-based artists have been brought up with the gift of hip hop in their veins. Armed with smooth flows and voices that could compete with any soul singer, Rich & Fameus are artists who should be easily embraced by all. These identical twin rappers successfully merge the world of soul and hip hop with a hint of pop to create a sound that the industry is not used to hearing. Rich & Fameus are part of this new age of rappers mixing genres to evolve hip hop and rap music into a whole new species. Their casual style may seem disarming yet there is nothing disengaged in their music or in the story of their journey. As inner city youths that grew up in and out of the New York projects they saw both sides of urban life. They saw the dark-side of a city struggling with a growing crime-rate but they also saw a city rich with culture thanks to those people who fought hard to expose them to an eclectic mix of music and customs. Their music is refreshing, as they paint a portrait of the streets in a very natural and real way. Rich & Fameus are coming to bring what the hip hop community is lacking, diversity. With their in your face lyrics they plan to take the music industry by storm. Rich & Fameus is hoping to change the way the hip hop community views the world and bring to light day-to-day issues that affect all of us. Jack Jones “Our flow can be as hard as the hardest or as smooth as the smoothest,” they manifest with a twinkle in their eyes. "EVERYONE has to start somewhere. Whether you're chasing the dream of a music career or trying to make it in Hollywood, every success story has a beginning." And the sky is the limit for these talented rappers.