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100 Super Nintendo Games, Great Games
31 Oct 2007
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Super Nintendo: Prince of Persia, Level 06 AWESOME GAME!
27 Dec 2008
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Visit *******pookyfish***.cc for more free stuff. You can download and play the original Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo for free as well as over 700 other SNES games, completely free
27 Jan 2010
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Visit *******pookyfish***.cc for more free stuff. You can download and play the original Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past for Super Nintendo for free as well as over 700 other SNES games, completely free
27 Jan 2010
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Classic Game Room reviews STAR FOX for Super Nintendo from 1993, the first Star Fox videogame. Known as Star Wing (or Starwing for SNES) in other parts of the world, Star Fox introduces us to a bunch of talking animals that fly space ships in space! Pilot Arwings against enemies and save the universe in this on rails spaceship shooter using 3D polygons for the 16-bit SNES Super Nintendo. This CGR review of Starfox has gameplay from Star Fox showing Starfox game play on Super Nintendo in HD. CGR video review of Starfox for SNES has a look at the Star Fox game cartridge for Super Nintendo and shows a variety of Starfox levels.
14 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews the SUPER NINTENDO video game console which was released in the U.S. in 1991. A fan favorite and many viewers' first game system, the Super Nintendo delivered awesome video games with a 16 bit style that differed from its main rival, the Sega Genesis. Smoother visuals and that Nintendo flair for lengthy games packed with months of gameplay made the SNES game console the system to own for fans of Mario games and Zelda. Could you find Super Metroid on the Genesis, Sega CD or 32S? No! (but could you find Cosmic Carnage on the SNES... No!) This Super Nintendo video game console review shows games and the game system up close. Relive the days when competing video game consoles were actually different and played different games. Reminisce about different sound effects, music design and graphics that separated rival Nintendo from Sega. The American Super Nintendo may be built to last and works like a champ but suffers from a case of the uglies. These days many of the best Super Nintendo games can be found on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and downloaded for a few bucks. Games like Super Mario Kart on SNES and Super Mario World still hold their value and bring back years of memories for collectors.
28 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews DARIUS TWIN for Super Nintendo from 1991. This is a horizontally scrolling side scroller SHMUP for the Super Nintendo from Taito. One of many in the popular line of Darius games, blast sea creatures, lobsters, fish, underwater alien space ships and octopi into bits with your space ship. Play one player or 2 player co-op on screen at the same time. Darius is challenging and plays well on the 16 bit SNES, is it one of the best SNES shmup shooters? CGR doesn't care for the music or bland visuals that much. If you played Darius Gaiden on the Sega Saturn you may not either, but the gameplay is somewhat similar. Power up your space ship and blast everything that moves, collect weapon and shield upgrades and rack up arcade points. This CGR review of Darius Gaiden has gameplay from Darius Gaiden on SNES showing game play from this side scrolling SHMUP in action.
5 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews YOSHI'S ISLAND for Super Nintendo SNES from 1995! Also known as Super Mario World 2, Yoshi's Island is an amazing 16-bit side scroller with incredibly deep gameplay with intelligent design that separates it from the normal side scroller. You play as a variety of Yoshis (I didn't know there was more than one!) who are trying to rescue baby Mario's twin brother Luigi! Luigi was kidnapped!? Amber Alert! Yoshis embark on the adventure of a lifetime through 40 some stages packed with hidden items, coins, flowers and bad guys. Jump, hop, run and eat enemies. After eating them Yoshi can turn them into eggs which he shoots at objects or just spit them out as projectiles. Very clever! While it may look like a children's game Yoshi's Island is much more. Amazing visuals, well produced music and gameplay that is miles ahead of most games makes this one a must play for fans of Mario games and side scrollers. This CGR review of Yoshi's Island has gameplay from the SNES game cartridge, Yoshi's Island showing game play from Super Nintendo in action during the review of Yoshi's Island, Super Mario World 2.
11 Aug 2012
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Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room reviews the SUPER NINTENDO controller for the Nintendo SNES video game console. How does this controller compare to the original NES controller and is the Playstation PS1 controller really copied from it? Learn all this and more from this stunning Classic Game Room review of the Super Nintendo gamepad that came with the SNES game console. CGRHD reviews Nintendo hardware, controllers and stuff in this hardware review series reviewing the technical and build quality of these pieces of video game gear. This controller has 4 buttons on the front, a start and select button as well as 2 buttons on the top. This made playing games like Street Fighter 2 easier because it effectively had 6 buttons. For more SNES reviews watch Classic Game Room, a Super Nintendo game reviewer and fan of retro old school classic arcade video games.
17 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews SUPER GODZILLA for the Super Nintendo video game console. This Super Godzilla review for the SNES shows the gameplay footage of Super Godzilla, several of the monsters including King Ghidora (aka Monster Zero), Mechagodzilla and Biollante. This is an interesting game and licensed from Toho. It plays like part strategy game and part fighting game, although instead of traditional 2D fighting with Godzilla vs. Monsters you use a "fighting spirit". In order to play the game properly you must learn and master this fighting spirit. CGR would rather watch Godzilla movies but that's just us... Anyway, it's an interesting game and a valiant effort on the Super Nintendo. Music and graphics are top notch as is the Godzilla King of the Monsters Terror of Mechagodzilla style plot. Maybe the game could have used even more flying saucers and hot Japanese scientists with nothing to lose except their lab coats but hey... maybe they'll make that into the next game. Classic Game Room reviews SNES video games and has a collection of Super Nintendo games to review over the next several months. Keep coming back for daily Classic Game Room new and classic video game reviews. Game includes other monsters like Mothra.
18 Aug 2012
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Classic Game Room buys a SUPER NINTENDO video game console! Can you believe it? A used SNES is now in the possession of the world's most powerful video game review show, CLASSIC SNES OWNING GAME ROOM! Now we can review all of the classics except with a "super" in front of them, like "SUPER Metroid" and "SUPER Star Wars". This console purchase was overshadowed by our recent adventure to buy a Sega Saturn, and we were excited to find a SNES at the same store for $40 with controller and power supply and wires etc... We turned it on, it works. Plays well except the game seems a bit wobbly in there. Classic Game Room reviews video games from years past and the future, although don't call us retro reviews, because we are permanently stuck in the '80s which isn't retro, it's now. We're now reviewers. We review games now. Not then, you just missed it. It's now. The SNES joins the Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Mega Drive MD , Sega CD, 32x, Playstation 1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Entertainment System NES, N64 and Magnavox Odyssey 2 consoles for the awesome CGRHD show!
18 Aug 2012
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Final Fight review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Final Fight for Super Nintendo. Originally a sequel to Street Fighter, Final Fight was too different so Capcom made it into its own series. The game is a 2D beat 'em up, where Haggar and Cody fight the Mad Gear Gang to rescue Jessica. You move to the right and beat up any and all gang members you come across. The fighting is responsive and makes you feel awesome as you clean up the streets. However, the SNES has some limitations, such as Guy not being playable and the lack of multiplayer. Even with these limitations, the game is still great. This video review features video gameplay footage of Final Fight for Super Nintendo and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Ryan.
8 Sep 2012
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