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2 Jul 2007
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* CBS launches online ad network for O&O TV stations. * DISH NETWORK faces satellite setback. * SUPREME COURT to review "fleeting expletives" case. * MICROSOFT licenses Adobe's Flash Lite for phones. * EU selects DVB-H as official Mobile TV standard. * CHINA blocks YouTube. Read more at *******www.ShellyPalmer****
9 Feb 2009
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US Supreme Court strikes down death penalty for those convicted of child rape. James Valles Reports for AmericasReport****
17 Jul 2010
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Linda Yanez, appointed by Ann Richards, is now running for her fourth term in the Texas Supreme Court. She talks at a backyard event at the charming home of Mitzi VanSant in Smithville, Texas which has picked as the site of many Hollywood movies as the archetypal small town.
11 Aug 2008
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Ken Starr, Dean of Pepperdine Law School and lead attorney for VSP Vision Care’s pending Supreme Court case (as of November, 2008) on its tax-exempt status discussed the legal issues and potential ramifications of the case.
21 Nov 2008
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Jeffrey Toobin notes the Supreme Court rests on a knife-edge post Bush. *******www.bigthink****/truth-justice/14256
17 Dec 2008
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On May 18, 2009 the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would hear a constitutional challenge to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, a law that mandated costly accounting procedures of questionable effectiveness in the wake of the Enron and WorldCom scandals. Attorneys from the Competitive Enterprise Institute are serving as co-counsel in the case, representing pro bono a small accounting firm in Nevada burdened by the Sarbox mandates. CEI's John Berlau, writer of the popular Youtube public policy video "Sarbanes-Oxley and Tattoos," explains the nuts and bolts of Sarbox in this video, and why Sarbox overhaul is now needed more than ever to bring growth to this sluggish economy. Berlau explains how issuing stock has traditionally helped smaller companies during a debt shortage, but how Sarbox means a brick wall -- through the tripling of audit costs -- for companies that try to go public now. Berlau shows how Sarbanes-Oxley did not catch the current scandals and harms honest entrepreneurs, and shows why repealing it could be one of the best economic stimulus packages we could have.
1 Nov 2009
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Today more than 900 people gathered in Boystown to join voices and show their dismay regarding the CA Supreme Court Ruling on the validity of Prop 8.
27 May 2009
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*******medicalmarijuanabootcamp****/ Chubbs and Tang talk about how the latest California Supreme Court Ruling striking down possession laws affects medical marijuana patients.
10 Feb 2010
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The Supreme Court is considering a lawsuit that challenges Chicago's handgun ban, and the decision is expected to have national implications.
6 Mar 2010
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The Supreme Court will hear Phelps v. Snyder, a case which pits freedom of speech against the right to privacy.
13 Mar 2010
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Hon. James David Manning speaks on Hillary Clinton a possible nominee for Supreme Court. Follow us on twitter *******twitter****/atlahworldwide For more information *******atlahmedianetwork****/ Download and print the CIA Columbia Obama Trial Flyer: *******atlah****/pdf/ciaColumbiaObamaTrial_v2.pdf Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Apr 2010
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