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Realizing he might never amount to more than just a friend, Yamato finally finds it within himself to confess his feelings for Suzuka.
22 Jun 2007
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Yamato and Honoka are dating... Somewhat. For a young man blissfully in love, he sure is spending a lot of time with Suzuka!
26 Oct 2008
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Available October 7, 2008 on DVD! High school is a hectic time of change for most… But for happy-go-lucky Yamato, it’s gonna be a complete revolution! He’s the new kid in class, having transferred to the big city to attend Aoba High, where he finds himself smitten with the local rising star of track and field. Yet two people could not be more different! And as Suzuka remains completely uninspired by Yamato’s cheerfully irresponsible nature, things progress from bad to worse with record-breaking speed! So when the young man decides to step up his efforts and join the track team, his best might not measure up… It’s mixed signals and high school hormones with everyone running in circles! Throw in the antics of a handful of high school stereotypes, and Yamato’s completely out of his league! When love is not a spectator sport, the only question is who will go the distance? Visit *******funimation****/suzuka/ for more information.
30 Apr 2009
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Suzuka Viridian Collection Description Yamato just transferred to a big city high school, where the slacker finds himself smitten with track star Suzuka - but she's totally out of his league. She's pretty, popular, and she's got something to prove. When Yamato joins the track team to impress the steely beauty, he sees that running the race isn't enough. He'll have to go the distance if he wants to break through to Suzuka's guarded heart. Release Date July 21, 2009 Contains episodes 1-26. Special Features: Actor Commentary (Ep. 6 – Leah Clark, Todd Haberkorn), Actor Commentary (Ep. 19 – Brina Palencia, Caitlin Glass, Rob McCollum), Textless Songs Trailers. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles. Visit Website *******www.funimation****/suzuka
1 Dec 2009
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Glock 002 F1 F1 accident helicopter fire gear renault gp top crash Felipe Massa monaco ferrari schumacher mclaren senna race Kimi Räikönnen Suzuka Gp Formula Forumula1 F1 Ferrari Finland
5 Oct 2009
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Highlights of Suzuka races from 1994 to 2006
26 Jul 2011
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Part 3 - Classic Game Room HD reviews FORZA 2 for the Xbox 360 video game console system. Forza 2 is a complicated and detailed game worthy of a huge multi-part review. In this review we drive around the Suzuka Circuit track and look at the tight turns, technical driving patterns and the mighty FERRIS WHEEL watching over the track like the ever watching, never blinking eye of Mordor... or whatever that thing was. I'm driving my yellow Lamborghini Countach in this particular race and you can see gameplay footage of the car speeding around the track and earning credits and respect all the way. Forza 2 is a racing driving simulator for the Xbox 360 video game console and is one of the best looking, most complex and detailed driving games ever made. This review should show you the incredible gameplay and graphics and car list that this HD video game has packed within one game disc. Although CGRHD is CLASSIC GAME ROOM, and Forza 2 is still a relatively new game, this will certainly be regarded as a CLASSIC racing game because it rocks so much. Classic Game Room was the original classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999-2000, now on DVD. The reviews on the HD series are reviewing PS3, PS2, Genesis, NES, Atari and Xbox 360. XBLA. videos review reviews show
16 Aug 2012
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Join me on Kimi Raikkonen's 2002 McLaren Mercedes, as I take you on a ride around this wonderful circuit in Japan. Buckle up and feel the need for speed. ENJOY!
27 Sep 2006
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Love is not a spectator sport.
5 Jun 2007
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It's the season for all things track and field...
31 Jul 2007
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22 Apr 2010
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16 Mar 2017
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