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Coleen Rooney managed to sweet talk a traffic warden out of giving her a ticket.
15 Apr 2011
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22 Oct 2007
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Sweet baby talks funny things
28 Mar 2007
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12 Sep 2008
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Rachel has a talk with her daddy.
7 Oct 2008
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Learn Thai with *******teakdoor**** The Thailand Forum. This lesson is the second lesson on chatting up Thai girls and getting them to go out for a drink. Let's go out. ไปเที่ยวกันเถอะ PAI TÎAW GAN THÙH What time would you like to meet? จะเจอกันกี่โมงดี JÀ JER-GAN GÈE-MONG DEE What shall we do tonight? คืนนี้เราจะทำอะไรกันดี KEUN-NÉE RAO JA THAM A-RAI GAN DEE I want to go dancing. ผม อยากไปเต้น PHǑM YÀK PAI TÊN I want to get drunk. ผม อยากเมา PHǑM YÀK MAO I want to meet some women. ผมอยากเจอสาวๆ PHǑM YÀK JER SǍO SǍO Can I buy you a drink? ผมขอเลี้ยงเครื่องดื่มได้ไหมครับ PHǑM KǍW LÍANG KRÊUANG-DÈUM DÂI MǍI KRÁP What would you like to drink? คุณอยากดื่มอะไร ครับ KUN YÀK DÈUM A-RAI KRÁP This place is good. ที่นี่สนุกดี THÊE-NÊE SA-NÙK DEE This place is too loud. ที่นี่เสียงดังเกินไป THÊE-NÊE SǏANG-DANG GERN-PAI Let's go somewhere else. ไปที่อื่นกันเถอะ PAI THÊE-ÈUN GAN-THÙH What time does this place close? ที่นี่ปิดกี่โมง THÊE-NÊE PÌT GÈE-MONG
10 Sep 2009
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cat addicted to drugs
20 Jan 2010
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collection of venomous animals
20 Jan 2010
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strange animal eggs
9 Apr 2010
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cats are jealous
24 Jan 2010
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Where should you go on a first date? What should you talk about? Ladies' man Jesse Thunderwake lets you in on all the secrets. Become a fan of Jesse on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Jesse-Thunderwake/267604246048 . Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Feb 2010
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As men are wired to detect a woman's fertility, her hip to waist ratio, the suppleness of her skin, the sheen of her hair, etc.. women are wired to detect a man's level of self control, which is a good indicator of his status. To learn more about how to meet women, visit: www.VinDiCarlo****
26 Mar 2012
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