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Ever wondered the secret to swimming faster freestyle and having awesome freestyle technique? *******www.effortless-swimming****
12 Mar 2010
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The Tropical Penguin Swim Bench is a modern upgrade of an isokinetic swim bench originally designed by Mark Spitz's swim coach Doc Councilman and engineer Glen Henson in 1969 and which has been used by thousands of world class and many more thousands of those who just want to reach their fitness and power potential . Steve Friederang, a biomechanist and coach, and Tropical Penguin have brought this great device into the modern age. The Tropical Penguin Swim Bench adapts at full speed to whatever force you give it (isokinetics) from your first movement to the most powerful phases of your stroke. Watch over 3,000 fitness and swim movies by Friederang or other coaches on your iPod or phone and watch yourself in the mirror to learn and refine your stroke as you also watch your power on each stroke and from workout to workout. The only bench to adapt the horizontal bar to any width for all four strokes, it's also the only bench to allow hundreds of exercises, all that maximize power (the minigyms slide off the bench in seconds and can be sued on the floor or the wall--making tis a complete circuit for teams and individuals). From Spitz, to Evans to modern swimmers at North Baltimore and the Texas Longhorns this has been the secret weapon to develop specialized power. Now it's more reliable and fully computerized. Is it only for swimmers? No! You can get a swimmer's body even without touching the water. But we recommend swimming too, of course. The Tropical Penguin Swim Bench just makes swimming faster fun!
24 Jul 2008
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This freestyle swimming technique video shows you how to learn to swim faster. The drills and instructions shown can be used whether you are coaching, preparing for triathlon swimming, improving your swim stroke or just learning to swim. The quickest way to increase your swimming stroke speed and freestyle technique is by learning how to decrease drag and inefficiency and not by increasing power. An efficient swim technique for crawl swimming begins and ends with proper body position, streamlining and balance. Learning swim efficiency techniques requires incorporating swimming awareness in swimming drills and workouts. The examples of bad swimmers juxtaposed with examples of good swimmers will help you see how to improve your own crawl technique.
23 May 2010
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The Correct Posture to Swim Faster and More Efficient
26 Jan 2010
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BY ADAM SPENCER ANCHOR CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. Chad Ochocinco won’t sit around moping about the impending NFL lockout. He’s planning on taking his talents to Kansas City to play the other type of football. You know, the football where you actually use your feet. Sporting KC, a Major League Soccer team, has invited the star wide receiver to a four-day tryout beginning on March 22. But, the move has left some skeptical. Matt Vensel of The Baltimore Sun wonders if it’s all just a stunt to gain some media attention for the team... “I’m not sure who’s more desperate for attention: Ochocinco or the MLS team formerly known as the Kansas City Wizards.” Sporting KC coach Peter Vermes says of course the move is going to draw attention for the league and his team, but tells ESPN’s Michael Smith the tryout is serious... “For us, we always want to try to improve our team, and if there’s something here, great. If not, I guess we’ll move on. But in the meantime, the exposure will be good for the league, good for Sporting Kansas City and good for the game.” Ochocinco is certainly no stranger to publicity stunts. He’s the guy who once said he could swim faster than Michael Phelps. But soccer is a sport in which Ochocinco has always had an interest - playing up until high school. The Cincinnati Enquirer points out that Ochocinco is friends with many of soccer’s biggest stars... “Ochocinco has long been a fan of soccer and is knowledgeable about the sport. Among his friends are Thierry Henry, of the New York Red Bulls; Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and two-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldinho.” If Ochocinco is truly serious about making a move to professional soccer, some analysts wonder if other athletes will follow his lead and change sports. William Browning of Yahoo! Sports says if the NBA were to enter a lockout - he can think of someone else with an interest in crossing over... “Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers grew up playing soccer and attended the 2010 FIFA World Cup last summer. If he joins the Galaxy mid-season, he’d make an instant impression on the league’s marketability.” So, what do you think? Can Ochocinco make an MLS roster? Or, is he just pulling one of his trademark publicity stunts? Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Get more multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
19 Mar 2011
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