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“THE SWITCH” mark is associated with proprietary rights around goods associated with electrical and scientific apparatus.
jaylen knows how to switch on the fan
2 Nov 2008
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jaylen knows how to switch on the fan 2
5 Nov 2008
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**READ FIRST** Zonealarm not working out? Is it slowing down your computer? Forget those programs and have a home made DIY lag/standby switch! Okay, when it comes right down to it, all you need is a 1$ switch and an Ethernet Cable. I assume you have a knife to splice the wires. Then just follow the video on hooking up the switch. I just HIGHLY recommend the other stuff. Also you don't have to make a large hole like I did. You could just make a small one about the size of the wire, cut the whole wire in half and slide it though, it looks way better that way and not as ugly, but that would take way more time splicing every wire back together but I think it's worth it. It's not that hard, it only takes a few minutes. My Voice Over skills are terrible. So I'm sorry if I sound weird. I just do voice overs bad. So yeah, I hope you enjoy, and try not to whore yourself out to it. Only use it if the other team is standbying.. Bahh what am I saying, go crazy on people :)
8 Nov 2008
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Early season footage from A-Basin. Telemark switch on the White Strip of Death...
8 Nov 2008
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Kate from Salon Space shows how to quickly and easily give your bangs a fun switch up.
12 Nov 2008
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How to make a power switch from any worn out servo and a 5volt spst relay.
17 Jan 2009
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Bait and Switch
19 Nov 2008
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The Cisco Nexus 1000V is a software virtual machine access switching architecture designed specifically for server virtualization environments. For more - ***********/go/1000v
21 Nov 2008
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The D-Link 2-port PS/2 KVM Switch with Audio Support (KVM-121) allows you to control two computers using a single monitor, PS/2 keyboard, and PS/2 mouse. Use the “select” button or keyboard hot keys to easily switch between two computers and perform multiple tasks. Unclutter your desktop and simplify your workspace with the compact D-Link 2-Port PS/2 KVM Switch with Audio Support.
16 Jan 2009
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The USB Laptop KVM with File Transfer is the latest innovation from IOGEAR, combining easy switching and convenient file transferring between two computers. It allows the user to seamlessly control a second computer with a laptop as the console. It is ideal for people who own a laptop and an older desktop PC and wish to keep using both for various functions or applications.
26 Nov 2008
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Based on the proven Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series architecture, the Catalyst 4948 and 4948-10GE are purpose built data center grade switches that provide new levels of performance for your data center. *******www.ciso****/go/catalyst4900
2 Dec 2008
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Why Addicts seek out drugs even though they know they know it is no good for them. These GO and STOP controls are in the "old" brain - where survival and automatic body functions, emotions and habits reside. Psychoactive drugs activate the GO switch creating the desire to repeat the behavior. "An addict's MORE is a lot more." Perhaps even 1000 times more. Once the GO switch is on, it stays on; there is no feedback to stop.
12 Dec 2008
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