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Sydney Harbor Bridge mirroring in the sea
24 Jan 2009
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Take a tour of Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is an iconic part of Sydney's skyline and Australia's image in general. Nicknamed "The Coat Hanger," this steel through arch bridge is among the world's tallest and widest of its kind. The bridge connects Sydney's central business district and the North Shore. The expanding and contracting of the steel, due to heat or cold, makes the bridge sway slightly. The bridge weighs around 52,000 tons, and is held together by millions of hand-driven rivets. It has been the site of many celebrations of national pride, including the 2000 Olympics and countless New Years Eves. The bridge has rail, automobile, bike and pedestrian traffic, and continues to be a tourist and lookout attraction.
27 Oct 2010
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Take a tour of Sydney Harbor at Sunset in Sydney, Australia – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. The Harbor of Sydney Australia becomes illuminated in the waning rays of dusk. As the last orange hues of the sun fall the city and harbor ignite in a brilliant array of shimmering florescence. Said to have been inspired by the wedges of an orange, the white billows of the Sydney Opera house reflect the soft tones of the setting sun. Exquisite beams reflect off supple clouds and flowing harbor waters further highlighting the brilliant engineering of Sydney’s steadfast bridge. A Sydney sunset proves an impressive and romantic sight from the water or the city's perimeters. The silhouettes of some of Sydney’s most prolific monuments become outlined against the ever dimming lights of the day's end.
18 Jan 2011
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*******morethemerrier****.au/boat-hire-sydney/ If You Prefer An Organised Cruise of Sydney Harbour Then There Are Many To Choose From.
30 Mar 2012
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2004 trip to the wonderful place that is Australia !! BEST TIME OF OUR LIFES!!
11 Dec 2006
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Look how stunning Syney is
1 Feb 2007
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Sydney Tower is high and gets an impressive view over Sydney even though the weather isn't great today...
7 Feb 2007
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Amazing scenes as 250,000 people cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge
27 Mar 2007
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We take a bike and ride across the Sydney Harbour bridge. A unique perspective on this international icon. This is part of the "What's it like to?" series of Keys To Success Club
1 Jul 2008
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More than one million people lined Sydney Harbour to witness a spectacular fireworks display as worldwide celebrations to ring in the New Year began in the Asia-Pacific region. Massive bursts of red and green light filled the warm night air as the
3 Jan 2009
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Sails on Lavender Bay is a restaurant that goes against the rules once said that restaurants with a view ussually don't have great food, well, let me tell you that this restaurant certainly has great food, and as for the views of Sydney Harbour with its magnificent bridge and the iconic opera house are second to none, actually it is fair to say that the only thing in the world to match the views here is the food. Sally Craig meets the man behind the restaurant Greg Anderson, and chats with him about his philosophies and what it takes to make a great restaurant, she also goes in behind the scenes to the kitchen, where Greg's team cooks a magnificent piece of salmon. I hope you enjoy this article see more details of this restaurant and many more great restaurants, bars, places to stay and things to do while you are in Australia.
2 Nov 2009
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Various views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th Anniversary celebration trains, featuring streamlined 4-6-2 3801, 4-6-0 3016 and GM diesel 4916. The trains did 3 shuttle runs between Sydney's Central Station and Lavender Bay on the north side of the harbour on Saturday 17th March 2007. High quality footage can be seen on "NSW in Steam 2007 Volume One" *******www.fotoz****.au
19 Nov 2009
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