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The Yin and Yang symbol from Taoism actually has a meaning that is like a secret that has been lost in time. Well, this video reveals this lost secret!
22 Feb 2007
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How to type Japanese symbols
25 Mar 2007
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Draw cool chinese/Japanese characters and symbols. Good for tatoos, t-shirts, art, etc. This is the symbol for "force" and "power". Very easy to understand guide on how to draw this symbol
5 Jul 2007
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doing tricks with the symbols
16 Nov 2007
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Run any application, goto any web address , execute any command by simply drawing symbols.
4 May 2008
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These are all of the 10 Prestige Symbols in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare and what they mean in real life.
19 Jun 2008
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Bollywood sex symbol sexy actress mahima looking in mirror how beaut... she is intresting to watch.
26 Jun 2008
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Writing Math Symbols in MS Word
2 Jul 2008
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This movie presents this ancient Greek Macedonian Symbol of Rayed Star. There are many other symbols with the Rayed Star as an ancient Greek symbols in all centuries. The ancient Greek stars has presented from 3-rays up to 24-rays. And all rays has many shapes according to the inner meaning of it in archeoplogical monuments. Many ancient archological foundings exists today, such as ancient Greek coins, texts, icons, emblems, tituli, ostraca, fragments, epigrammata, papyrorum, tablettes, recensios, sculpures, vases, monuments etc which has the Rayed Star symbol of the ancient Greeks on them. Even Achilles has the rayed star on his armoury and many of the ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. In Christianity the star is connected to the Virgin Mary. The most known Rayed Star is the ancient Greek Macedonian symbol of Vergina. The Vergina Sun, Star of Vergina or Argead Star is the name given to a symbol of a stylised star or sun with sixteen rays. It was unearthed in 1977 during archaeological excavations in Vergina, in the northern Greek province of Macedonia. The star is also in tombs of the kings of the ancient kingdom of Macedon and described as the symbol variously as a "star", a "starburst" or as a "sunburst". In the well know larnax on which it appears belonged to Greek King Philip II of Macedon, the father of the Greek Alexander the Great III. The larnax is on display at the archaeological museum in Vergina, where it was found. Another version of the Vergina Sun, with 12 rays, was found on the larnax of Olympias, the mother of Alexander the Great. Only the Greeks can understand the inner esoteric hiden ancient meaning of the Rayed symbol and in this movie a general hit of this is presented. Mакедонија
17 Nov 2008
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The royal coat of arms symbol may not be what you think it is. Watch this video to see.
3 Sep 2008
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These strange symbols were on an object found in Vietnam. They were recovered after a UFO crash. More strange things like UFO's on ******* !!
23 Oct 2008
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The Chinese Zodiac is a 12 year cycle symbolized by the 12 animals. Each animal has a different personality and characteristics that influence a person's personality, success, and happiness. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Feb 2009
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Einstein once said that if he could understand pi then he could understand who God is. For pi is the number of God. And it truly is for. For all men were created by the Father, and all men shall return to the Father. And what is the formula for a circle? It is circumference equals pi times diameter. Diameter is the distance you are away from the Father and circumference is the path back to the Father. And how do we complete the circle? Through pi. For as the Son said, I am the narrow Gate, no one returns to the Father except through Me. Pi Gate Son Christ Circumference Diamter Path Way Truth Life Circle Karma Signs Science Symbols of the Prophecy Andrew
23 Dec 2008
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Illuminati satanic pentagram on the US. Find Out What This Is Really All About. Exposing the Illuminati Agenda. What most people don't understand about the Illuminati and it's new world order agenda but the fact remains if it's broken down into it's simplest format THERE'S ONLY TWO FACTS THAT REMAIN. This agenda is about your soul...yes...your soul satan wants your soul and God also wants your soul. So basically speaking satan who has been given dominion over the earth has forged a master plan which him and his fallen angels(demons) work hard at accomplishing world domination. The end prize is all those who follow him will be spending an eternal time in hell..I'm sure he's painted a rosey picture to the hood winked Illuminati followers who should be able to see just what type of tactics they use against men and thereby understand what tactics will be used on them. Amongst all their symbolism the Illuminati make vows and pacts with satan and even draw a satanic blood shd pentagram on the united states which you can se in this movie. Their sign 666 which can be clearly seen across the globe is the mark of the beast or satan so to speak..these elite practice devil worship and mind control. do a search on bohemian grove and see what you come up with. try skull and bones, masonry, jesuits, knights of the templar and that will keep you busy for a while. Well we're down the track and it's all very visible to the true Illiminated christians who can see behind their veil of evil and deceit. Books in the bible like Daniel and Revelations clearly explain the mess the world is in. To the have time to repent and turn to the true God and creator of this world or face the consequences of your sin. luminati symbols illuminati free masons bavarian illuminati order of the illuminati order of illuminati famous illuminati illuminati order freemasonry illuminati freemasons illuminati illuminati freemason illuminati masonic illuminati masons knights templar illuminati templar illuminati secrets of the illuminati illuminati nwo illuminati secrets illuminati secret illuminati rituals history of illuminati illuminati occult bloodlines of the illuminati illuminati members anti illuminati illuminati cult secret societies illuminati illuminati society illuminati secret society bloodlines illuminati illuminati new world order illuminati ritual illuminati brotherhood illuminati game illuminati 666 illuminati symbolism illuminati symbol illuminati satanic illuminati trader join the illuminati illuminati ring how to join the illuminati illuminati vatican illuminati 33 illuminati degrees illuminati lodge illuminati rings illuminati membership history of the illuminati masonry illuminati illuminati temple illuminati pyramid illuminati initiation ancient illuminati who are the illuminati iluminati illuminati video illuminati shirt illuminati definition 23 illuminati dan brown illuminati illuminati dan angels and demons illuminati demons illuminati illuminati com illuminati google the top 13 illuminati www illuminati top 13 illuminati illuminati youtube illuminati org 13 illuminati illuminati 1 illuminati 2 illuminati 3 illuminati 4 illuminati 5 illuminati iii illuminati info illuminati list illuminati new mattmarriott illuminati the illuminati 2 the illuminati 3 the new illuminati tnwo illuminati illuminati vs illuminati x illuminati collection list of illuminati illuminati online illuminati design illuminati computer illuminati power illuminati media illuminati 2005 illuminati ii illuminati information the illuminati 2005 illuminati productions illuminati special illuminati website illuminati logo club illuminati illuminati companies illuminati inc illuminati pictures current illuminati illuminati forum black illuminati illuminati global illuminati sancti illuminati from within the illuminati from within illuminati download books on the illuminati illuminati pin 11 illuminati ring of power illuminati the illuminati order how to join illuminati freemason and illuminati joining the illuminati masons and illuminati the bavarian illuminati illuminati 1776 become illuminati illuminati bohemian grove illuminati in america walt disney illuminati modern illuminati illuminati diamond illuminati logos join illuminati illuminati words the illuminati diamond illuminati ranks joining illuminati illuminati eye what are the illuminati the illuminati exposed eyes wide shut illuminati who are illuminati illuminati riparosso freemasons and illuminati freemasons and the illuminati illuminati exposed illuminati jesuits
12 Jan 2009
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Convert barcode scanner to Wireless barcode scanner.SUMLUNG SL-BA10. infosumlung****; SUMLUNG TECH (*******www.sumlung****) Save 30 to 50 per cent in costs in comparison to the traditional barcode scanner. SUMLUNG SL-BA10 Bluetooth barcode adapter is a new kind of product which can convert major handheld barcode scanner to Bluetooth barcode scanner, such as Symbol, Metrologic, Datalogic, and so on. It can save 30%~50% cost. The adapter could send the barcode data to PC or smart phone by Bluetooth. We could also use it as mobile barcode data collection terminal when it combined with mobile phone. Keyword:bluetooth barcode scanner, wireless barcode scanner, barcode scanner, bluetooth barcode adapter, portable barcode scanner, handheld barcode scanner, data collection terminal,mobile barcode ,mobile barcode reader,mobile barcode read software,symbol, metrologic,psc,datalogic,hhp,intermec,unitech,zba,socket,option
21 Jan 2009
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