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October is a busy month at the Food Network with many of the chefs attending the NYC Wine and Food Festival, Giada starting a new show, Ina with a new season, Michael Symon with a new restaurant and let's not forget Emeril's birthday!
2 Oct 2008
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Rachael Ray has plans for a burger joint. Michael Chiarello is getting a new restaurant before the year is over. Michael Symon's restaurant opened on October 15. Bobby Flay is suing over a restaurant! Sarah East thinks she needs a restaurant.
18 Oct 2008
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Hi, My name is Sean Symons and I am being trained to being a professional personal trainer by Rob Jordan at 3rd Degree Fitness. But before I learn the hard stuff...I need to learn how to make a smoothie...
24 Apr 2009
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How early does a chef have to start in the kitchen to become Food Network material? Sarah East takes a look way back at some of Food Network's most popular chefs: Guy Fieri, Rachael Ray and Michael Symon.
26 Dec 2008
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10 Jan 2010
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Watch College Road Trip Movie at *******watchroadtrip.blogspot****/ Martin Lawrence Melanie is eagerly looking forward to taking her first big step towards independence when she plans a 'girls only' road trip to check out prospective universities. However, when her imposing police-chief dad insists on escorting her instead, she soon finds her dream trip turning into a nightmare full of misfortune and turmoil. Dad wants to assure total security and safety for his precious daughter, while Melanie has a 17-year-old's need to become a grown woman and have her own sense of independence. Now, even as dad and daughter bicker, banter and careen from one disaster to the next on their journey, they are about to discover that, sometimes, going that extra mile to be together can forge a family bond so strong it can withstand anything--even wild curves ahead
17 Mar 2008
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Martin Lawrence plays a police chief who wants to escort his 17 year old daughter on a road trip to perspective colleges. Obviously, imposing on the privacy of his daughter and her friends needing to escape and grow into women.
24 Jul 2008
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How do you lose weight quick? Very easy. How do you lose body fat...well, that takes a bit of effort. This video will show you how I lost weight and gained weight right in front of your eyes!
30 Sep 2008
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Day 7 - JUST DO IT Challenge - Build muscles while walking.... I am bringing my 72 OZ water bottle with me... 4.5 pounds over an hour walk seems to work arms and upper body... upper, lower and cardio all in one session
8 Oct 2008
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Transformation Challengers - P90X day 3 Our LIVE radio show was a hit. We now have some transformer challengers that we will follow over the next 18 weeks. Can you transform your body mind heart and soul in 18 weeks? Watch as we do.
4 Jan 2009
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Possible to change your body in 90 days. Transform yourself from a normal person to an extraordinary person? I do not know...I seen photos of peoples before and after...but is that really possible? photo shopped?
10 Jan 2009
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*******www.SeanSymons**** I am a P90X beach body coach and I am ready to HELP YOU lose the body fat and gain the muscles! I did it...So can you! P90X ROCKS
21 Jan 2009
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